Justified Round Table: "Coalition"

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The local sheriff is dead. Limehouse isn't such a bad guy after all. And Robert Quarles is still on the loose.

With just days to go until the season three finale of Justified, our Round Table team of Jim Garner, Dan Forcella and Tiffany Vogt of TVAddict.com are here to analyze "Coalition" and look ahead to what's next...

What was your favorite moment from the episode?
Dan: I loved seeing Boyd realize that someone was playing him for a fool, and pulling a pair of guns out on both Errol and Dickie. Don't try to cross him. Don't do it!

Jim: Sorry, Dan, I'm stealing a Raylan moment. Raylan and Loretta discussing how he was going to honor Mag's request and not go after the money unless Van Halen showed up playing her birthday. Have to love the honor of the south.

Tiffany: I loved it when Boyd finally revealed that he was not as stupid as everyone was assuming he was and called out Errol on the ridiculous plan to rob the bank.  Plus, it was nice to see that Boyd knows just how far to string someone along before informing them that he saw through their attempt to manipulate him all along.  Boyd and Ava have mastered that art perfectly. Finally, I have to give a special shout-out to Loretta for having Mags’ money – that reveal was pretty awesome!

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Which was your favorite temporary alliance?
Dan: Dickie and Errol. Although Errol's motives didn't end up being what I originally thought they were, I still enjoyed watching these two underlings attempt to rise up against the more powerful players in town.

Jim: Duffy and Boyd. Duffy tried to warn Boyd that Quarles was a crafty one, and Boyd went for it all and it burned him (in more ways than one).

Tiffany: It was only for about two seconds, but Boyd and Wynn Duffy seemed like they could be a good alliance. Alas, Boyd’s inability to see how dangerous Quarles and letting him slip through his fingers is meant Boyd and Wynn’s alliance was very short-lived. It would be nice if they could corner Quarles together to get rid of that particular rattle-snake before he “bites” someone.

More impressive by Quarles: tricking the prostitutes or putting down Trooper Tom?
Dan: Getting to Tom and fleeing the scene was probably more impressive, but watching him with the prostitutes was ridiculously fun to watch. Between him sticking that gun in the mouth of one of the prostitutes, taking hit after hit for himself and leaving the scene with all three of them chained up inside the RV, it was one of my favorite Quarles moments.

Jim: Outsmarting two doped up prostitutes is not that difficult. I want to know how he got the drop on Tom when his gun was not in his hand. He had his bell rung by the blast and Tom had his gun drawn ready to fire. I'm so mad at Justified for arbitrarily killing off Tom.

Tiffany: It was definitely more impressive that Quarles got the drop of an arm law enforcement officer. It’s just sad that everyone is consistently underestimating Quarles when they have ample proof he is not somehow they can turn their back on for one second, or that they shouldn’t shoot first and ask questions later.

What did you think of Limehouse's plan?
Jim: It was a good plan. It would get rid of most (if not all) of the people who were creating problems for him and he didn't have to leave his BBQ joint.

Dan: Seriously, Jim, does he ever leave that place? The man likes his barbecue, that's a fact, but it also gives him time to devise some good plans. I'm glad it didn't work out, though. If it had, we would no longer be watching Boyd Crowder on a weekly basis. That's not good for anybody.

Tiffany: It was not a bad plan at all. Limehouse was efficiently getting all his competition to eliminate each other and he did not have to be anywhere around to get caught in the crossfire. Unfortunately, everyone seems to be underestimating each other and that means nothing is going according to plan. Next week’s finale is going to be a doozy!


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Beverly brooks

Just love all of Justified. Raylan, Boyd, Limehouse, Dickie..such great characters and the story line just keeps getting better. Can hardly wait till Quarles is gone for good! Love the fact Loretta has Mags' money. It is where it belongs.

Strawberry fields

Favourite moment - Raylan and Loretta. They have a great parent-kid vibe. Boyd calling out Errol was awesome too. I looooooove Boyd Crowder. Favourite temporary alliance - Boyd and Duffy. Both moves by Quarles were impressive. I enjoyed tricking the prostitutes more, because it was just so hilarious. That guy has some pretty impressive survival skills. It's like he's impossible to kill. Limehouse's plan - that would be killing all the birds with one stone. Let all of your enemies destroy each other and stay far away yourself. Good thinking, but the plan had one major flaw. Limehouse forgot that the people he was trying to play are smart.


I'm fairly sure that Quarles shot Trooper Tom, though some viewers have accurately pointed out, that Quarles should not have gotten the better of Tom under the circumstances...he was highly dosed with drugs, and had already used his surprise up sleeve gun move, unsuccesfully, on Boyd...so my shocking twist idea, is that Arlo shot Tropper Tom, perhaps thinking him to be Raylan, and because of that, even while first being hunted by Raylan, Quarles will be 'allowed' to leave Harlan for Detroit, to deal with Arkin's character instead.


Tom is a State Trooper not a Sheriff. Also it is sort of obvious that Quarles did not shoot Tom. It may have been Wynn or possibly Arlo.


Was disappointed the Sheriff bought it. I like the fact that he was legit and not a crook hiding behind a badge. Boyd is the baddest badass on TV. Looks meek but cross him and watch out.


I loved (in addition to what's already been noted): 1) Wynn trying to repeat the Theo Tonin ear story - Boyd was not impressed
2) Raylan goading Dickie into going for his gun
3) The fact that Limehouse really is a banker of his word - he had honored Mags wishes
4) The number of really crap guards - the prostitutes on Quarles and the cripple on Dickie and Errol and Ava on Arlo
5) The way people have changed - Boyd is far more organised and competent than he was, Ava's a bad ass, Arlo's insane, Quarles has fallen from grace and Wynn Duffy appears wimpy. Some people have not changed - the Marshals and Limehouse.


no way Quarles all hopped up (twice) on some sort of drugs, disoriented from an explosion could draw quicker than tom who already had his gun drawn and aimed. impossible. physical impossibility. no offense to raylan who is the baddest lawman around, but boyd is perfection


Love, love, love Boyd!!!
Raylan is hot (& cool), but he is no Boyd Crowder.

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