Lost Girl Review: I'm Yours If You'll Have Me

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The lost girl, Bo, finally found someone to love in Dyson. Why did Saskia have to come and mess it all up in "(Dis)Members Only?!?" Dyson was doing a fine job of it himself.

What Do You Want?

Despite the warning from Trick to stay away from Bo, Dyson refused to listen. The pull between Bo and Dyson was obvious as soon as they met, but they finally decided to no longer fight it and admit their feelings:

Dyson: I can be intense. I can be territorial. And, God knows I can be mule-headed. But, I'm also yours if you'll have me.
Bo: Dyson you are an idiot. You've been mine for a very long time.
Dyson: You better be careful because wolves mate for life. | permalink

Wow. It doesn't get much more romantic than that! Well, except for we know Dyson is keeping a huge secret from Bo; a secret that will pull them apart. Even though Dyson has presumably a good reason for keeping Bo from knowing the truth about her mother and family, that will be a hard sell.

It was a relief to see that with their declaration of love for each other, Dyson finally gave Trick an ultimatum: Tell Bo the truth or he would. Unfortunately, I fear that is too little too late as far as Bo is concerned. She still is barely speaking to Lauren and her betrayal was miniscule in comparison.

The case of the week provided a back drop for Bo and Dyson to see what a "normal" life together would be like. They both seemed rather uncomfortable in conservative clothing and socializing with other couples. And, most importantly, it led to the discussion about their relationship.

We met another new Fae, this one a Land Wight. It provided good fortune to those who provided human sacrifices for its survival. The Fae took a human form, but killed with a vine. This story and Fae reminded me of the Japanese Fae from earlier in the season that was on the college campus. Fae definitely don't hesitate to kill humans for their own survival.

In the end, Saskia returned and attacked Dyson almost killing him. At least Bo realized that Dyson was not cheating on her, rather that Saskia forced herself on him. What will Saskia do now that Bo stabbed her? Will Bo and Dyson be able to overcome this? Thankfully, Bo was able to use her own energy to save Dyson!

Both the fallout from Saskia's attack and the secret of Bo's family should come to a head next week in the season one finale. Then, we don't have to wait long for the next episode, as the season two premiere airs the following week.


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Creepy! Kenzi's right, humans are just food to the Fae. Don't care for the relationship drama. Kenzi's illegal Spanish immigrant cover was funny. Kenzi busts in on Bo and Dyson in the bath, but she turns away from their PDA :D I liked the Hale/Kenzi scenes.


Dyson did not try to force Bo to change her nature for him. In fact, he states that trying to NEVER WORKS. His declaration was hard for him because he was worried that by telling her he can't handle her being with other people would probably be the end of their relationship exactly because you can't make someone change their nature. That's why he looks so unhappy when he first tells her. Plus, I wasn't aware being bi meant you couldn't be in live with just one person.


LOL, TrippyKitty, I totally agree with you, who wouldn't want some of that hot Fae Dyson...he looks good in even those drippy "country club" clothes I was *almost* glad that he didn't get naked for those swingers that were coming on to him and Bo


Oops, I meant, Who wouldn't want Dyson. He offered himself to me I wouldn't say no, lol.


DeAnn, you stole my post, thats what I was going to write, lol. You wouldn't want Dyson. I'm thinking Saskia/Aife is Bo's mom or maybe her sister. Thats awesome season 2 is premiering so quickly.


This episode was the one the really broke things for me with regards to Dyson's character. He basically called Bo a slut, asked her to change her nature (the entire reason for the show and her power in it), and tried to win her back with I love you. It really killed Bo's ability to be an Alpha character by giving in to that normative concept and basically saying Yah sure I'll be your gf/housewife. This was borderline abusive conversation that really didn't sit well with me.


I must say, though I have read the wikipedia site about this show, I am still not clear on exactly what the reason for not telling the secret is (I believe the secret being they know who her mother is and she is scary), but that isn't going to go well and I have a feeling there are repercussions that Trick and Dyson aren't anticipating (like, I don't think Hale is aware of the secret at all and I think he might be on Bo and Kenzie's side feeling betrayed wise).


BTW, I don't think Dyson was being disrespectful of Bo at all by keeping her from fooling around with those sleazy Country Club people...they were gross, and she would have risked exposing herself as a succubus by having sex with them. Plus, Dyson actually LOVES her, and like he said, wolves mate for life, so he let her know he doesn't like her sexing up others, which is only natural for him. Still, she will work around that somehow, I am sure, and I think they can still have a great relationship with him after she learns about her parents.


I loved, loved, loved this episode! I was so thrilled to see delicious Dyson romancing Bo, having "Rubber Ducky Time" together in the tub, and all the kissing, touching and hugging they did was just icing on the cake...I especially loved when Dyson growled like a wolf when he was hugging Bo in the forest before they found the human remains. And of course my favorite scene was when he declared his love for Bo and his desire that they stay monogamous, which is admittedly hard for a succubus. And yes, I was pissed off that Saskia nearly killed Dyson! He's the main reason I watch this show, (though I do love Bo and Kenzi) so I'd be upset if he left...he's so HOT! I ca hardly wait for the season finale and then Season 2 right away! Hurrah! This is the best show on SyFy


I love this show. I'm really interested to find out what the secret Trick and Dyson have been keeping and the fallout. And I am thrilled that they are immediately going into Season 2!

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