Make It or Break It to End After Season 3

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Make It or Break It is about to backflip into oblivion: ABC Family announced today that the third season of this gymnastics-based drama will be its last.

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As viewers prepare for what will now be a series finale on May 14, creator Holly Sorensen confirmed the cancellation on Twitter this afternoon, writing:

"MIOBI nation. We all love you so much. And we are, very sadly, three weeks away from the series finale of #miobi."

Earlier this week, ABC Family picked up The Lying Game for season two; while the network will role out a bunch of new programming over the coming months, including Bunheads, Baby Daddy and Beverly Hills Nannies.

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PlEASE DON'T LET IT FINISH!at least finish season 3 and how they make it to the Olympics and if Emily ever returns.The whole plot was them making it to the Olympics and we don't even find out how it ends.


PLEASE BRING BACK MAKE IT OR BREAK IT not just for the fans but for the whole family it send a positive massage to young people and to their family I am very disappoint with abc family on how the show end the whole show was about going to the Olympics in London and abc family left the fans down and that is wrong


I love make it or break it, please make more it would be nice to watch another season.!!


if on the series finale it got 4.6


me and my siste h I've been watching this together o I've been watching this together on Netflix and a and found that it was cance this is ver this is very upsetting this TV show has e this TV show has expect inspired my sister to do gymnastics it's now she wants to become gold medalist at age 4 this is possible if she does gymnastics for very long time I told her that but all she does now and how are house are flips and tumbles all day long so now I have to find a good gymnastics place to sign her up. So you please have to put this back on we love it and so do other people thanks. This tv show inspires people like my little sister.


this is upsetting.. bev hill nannies got bumped up in place of MIOBI seriously? what a joke.. how could you not at least end the series for peace of mind for the fans that have been watching the several seasons.. --big fan


Dear sir
A kind request to the program holders..pls dnt end make it or break it....consider my no..... all our request ...please
looking forward for your support
thank you


i luv MIOBI its my fav show of all time and dey should bring it bak!!!!!
bring it bak!!! bring it bak!!! bring it bak!!! bring it bak!!!


Iam so mad that make it or break it has been took of air what a rubbish ending to a great show.i hope they put it back on there is no need not to as the usa gymnasts won gold in london why wouldnt they want to show that ahh makes me so mad.


please bring my favorite tvshow back.