NCIS: Los Angeles Review: Inter-Agency Non-Cooperation

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Last night's NCIS: Los Angeles had a twist that I didn't see coming. Did you?

It was obvious from the opening of "Patriot Acts" that Gavin Knowles wasn't the bomber from the look of surprise on his face when he revealed the bomb in his truck. But, the search for the truth was not clear cut at all.

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The lack of cooperation from the FBI was disappointing to see, but probably fairly realistic. But, NCIS has withheld information from other agencies in the past as well. Definitely not the best way to keep citizens safe from terrorists. It also provided the perfect opportunity for Nate to return.

Nell's reaction to Nate, though, was surprising. She joined the NCIS boat house crew when Nate left for the Middle East. How did they get close enough to send emails and for her to apologize for not sending a care package?

The return of Nate was a positive, as was Granger's limited involvement. If it continues to only be via Hetty and the phone, that would be nice. The distance made his involvement appropriate and limited his manipulation of the investigation. From afar, Granger isn't so bad. Let's hope it stays that way.

What I didn't understand about the case was why the FBI so quick to blame Knowles and discount that there was a larger plot at play? Were they trying to save face? Prevent fear of another attack in Los Angeles?

On a first watch, I thought they were trying to protect themselves from it getting out that they arrested the wrong man, who was killed in prison. But, the FBI wouldn't have known about that connection since Mia was using an alias.

Instead, it appears that Agent Ambrose cared less about the truth and more about closing the case. He was railroading Knowles, just like he did with Mia's boyfriend, Raffi. Unfortunate, but not something he should die for doing.

And then the twist ... Adam was responsible for not only the bomb in Knowles's truck, but for the one that Raffi was convicted of years before. Adam manipulated Mia and played the FBI. Thankfully, NCIS stuck with the case and followed it through to find the actual perpetrator and Mia finally got justice for Raffi.

Outside of the case, what did you think about Nate exposing Nell's feelings or possible feelings for Eric? Over the last few episodes, I thought it was possible that they were already secretly dating, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

I love the two of them together, as I've mentioned before. I'd much prefer to see Eric and Nell hook up than Deeks and Kensi. Do you want to see either of these two potential NCIS: LA couples together?


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I agree it would be cool to see more of Nate maybe have him replace Sam


I would really like Nate to come back full time. He was the one difference between the two shows for me and I like what the character brings to the show. It was great to see him again.


Great episode! I'd heard of Nate and was familiar with his role, but having not seen most of the first two seasons of the show (that needs to be fixed XD) I had never actually seen him on screen. Gotta say, he seemed pretty cool - partly since I have a friend named Nate and associating his name with a psychologist made me grin.
The plot was great, and I love seeing the team interact. While Nell/Eric would be cute, I do think it would spoil the best-friend techie dynamic I enjoy watching. Kensi/Deeks? Heck yeah! Not anything serious, because like Eric/Nell, it'd spoil the show, but I love when it's hinted at. Too bad about reruns next week, though...anyone know why?


@ Michael: It's Garcia & Kevin on CM


If they are going to do Nell and Eric do it like Gracie and Kevin on CM


I enjoyed the ep. It was great seeing Nate again, and I do hope that they continue finding feasible ways to bring him back (I think Shane B. alluded to that in a recent interview). My curiousity is peaked re: the history between he and Nell. I first thought they had dated in the past too, but I think last night established that wasn't the case. I think she and Eric make a good team, and potentially a good couple, as long as it's more in the background. Didn't see the twist coming, either! I figured it was Mia, and it surprised me to find out otherwise. And once again, I really, really love the chemistry with this cast. Each and every one of them meshes perfectly (well, with the notable exception of Granger, but even he became a wee bit easier in his most recent appearance).


Great episode! But the FBI was acting really weird, nothing they did made any sense... I hope the real FBI wouldn't be so stupid ;) Nice twist though, didn't see it coming! I loved the interaction in the team, actually I was more interested in that than in the case... Nice to see Nate again, he was hilarious with Nell! FYI, in another episode (probably the last time Nate showed up) it was already established that they know each other pretty well, and in that episode the other characters actually commented on it because it was a surprise to them, too. Too bad it was never mentioned why they know each other, I bet it's an interesting story! To answer your question: Nell and Eric are so cute together, I hope we'll get to see some progress now :) And yes, of course I want Kensi and Deeks! I was so disappointed that in the last few episodes they didn't give us anything after all those moments in the two-parter! But I heard something about a stake-out in an interview, can't wait :D

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