Nikita Review: Bow Down Before Shadow Walker!

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After last Friday's highly emotional Nikita and Michael episode, we got a closer look into Birkhoff and the core crew of Team Nikita in "Shadow Walker."

It's been a while since Nikita, Michael, Alex and Birkhoff all worked as closely together as they did on this mission. It was a reminder of how important each of them are to the group. When Birkhoff took off, the team was off-balance, even though Alex did fill in remarkably well.

Robbing Percy

How did any of them think taking $20 million of untraceable funds to the money man was a good idea? And then to accept that the guy scanned the bonds and was able to turn them into cash? While this set-up was a bit ridiculous, I was able to overlook that because, overall, it was an entertaining and action-packed episode.

After the heart-wrenching Nikita and Michael scene in "Wrath," the emotional ties were further established between the other team members. Alex has struggled to connect with people since she escaped death as a child. Michael's encouragement that she could find love was touching.

Her relationship with Sean has been building all season; is he the match for her? Or will she find love in a less expected place with Birkhoff? I've been looking forward to a Alex-Sean romance all season, but a relationship with Birkhoff would be filled with more laughs and fun. After this episode, I may have shifted to favor a romance with Birkhoff. He has matured to the point where it could work.

Since leaving Division, each of the team members has opened up emotionally. That is probably the biggest change of the season. It's not the power struggles that have made the show this year, but the characters and their growing reliance on each other. They have moved from a team fighting a common enemy to a family. That has never been more evident.

The situation between Nikita and Birkhoff was nothing more than a family squabble. He was upset, rightly so, that his money was lost and acted out. His childish rebellion caused him to be reckless and arrested. But Nikita's first priority was to get him out of jail.

Birkhoff's hesitation in shooting to protect Nikita was overcome at the police station when it counted the most. Their heart-to-heart after that rescue was so full respect and love. How was Birkhoff supposed to go to her for comfort after killing someone she loved? Now that the air is clear, they are closer than ever.

While Birkhoff didn't get his money back, the outcome was precious. It's too bad that Michael couldn't see Percy's face as all his money blew up and burned away. What a face it was! Birkhoff may have lost his money, but it hurt Percy much more than him.

Plus, Team Nikita is a family! Alex was right there to give Birkhoff a new bankroll.

Percy isn't one to give up easily. Who was that mystery man at the end? Is there going to be a new player in this covert war going on? Percy, Amanda, Ari, and now a new foe? Plus, don't forget that Percy has the plutonium.

With only three episodes left in the season, it looks like it will be an adventure all the way to the end!

Who should Alex be with? The steady and reliable military man, Sean? Or the quirky and fun computer guy, Birkhoff?

And, don't forget to check out the Nikita quotes section for some of the episode's best moments.


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I really love the michael/nikita romance and i am definitely rooting for an alex/sean romance too.


Wish we could have a all rounder. The whole team working together. Nikita , micheal ,alex , owen, ryan , brikhoff all working together on 1 mission on the same episode wouldn't that me awsome.


Great episode. Alex was funny. Michael/Alex, Nikita/Birkhoff, Alex/Birkhoff, and Team Nikita scenes were all great. Loved seeing Percy's face when the money burnt. Everyone cross their fingers for renewal. I don't see a Birkhoff/Alex romance. There's probably going to be a Sean/Alex romance but Mikita is enough romance for this series.


I love how they did a recall to the Michael and Alex relationship and really played up how he really acts like her big brother (or really more accurately her big sister's boyfriend who gets a kick out of the little sister because he is glad the cool personality appears genetic), I think it is definitely Alex and Sean (and remember, before his mother died and he was acting as Alex's bodyguard, he is pretty funny too). I have thought they are laying the groundwork for Sabrine (is that her name) and Birkoff, you know, lets pull someone else from Division to be on our side. But that is a next season storyline if there is one.


I only got to see parts of Nikita on Friday cuz I thought it was recording but it didnt....
But the parts I saw were AWESOME!! Birkhoff and Nikita have such a neat friendship. And Alex stepping up to fill Birkhoff's spot? Priceless. I've never thought of a Seymour/Alex relationship. But that would be FUN. And funny. Ha.
I loved Micheal's ''I wish I could see the look on Percy's face.''
Can't wait. Only two episodes left? RENEW THE SHOW, ALREADY, CW!!!
Ryan's finally coming back? Yay. I wish Owen would comback... :'(


I just simply found this episode awesome and funny..I loved especially Alex in this episode she was so funny and of course my favorite part was the one SnakeTheCritic posted couldn't stop laughing...I can't wait for next weeks episode but there's something I do not understand and itis there 3 or 2 episodes left because the CW said 2 in the promo?


I didnt catch how much Alex gave Birkhoff at the end...Anybody catch it ??


Alex , " you know this could've taken hours, but it didn't because I check the toll booths cameras first. I eliminated the automated booth, snared out the time frame. Knowing Roan drives like a little old lady. Why because I am, awesome." Pause Alex , " What Birkhoff always gets to brag. " Bow down before Shadow Walker ***** TV ..


I loved this episode it was pretty funny at times. I loved seeing Alex and Michael working together and blowing up all of Percy's money. One of my favorite parts was when Alex told Michael they should use the satellite thing to measure the bottom of the truck from the distance to the ground to see which one was holding the money and he looked at her like where did you come up with that and she said she saw it in a movie but she didn't know how to do it so they just followed truck 3 then when they figured out that wasn't the truck birkhoff came in and did the satellite thing Alex was taking about and she told michael that she was right it was a real thing and he told her that birkhoff must of saw the same movie.


Thought it was a great episode but the Alex scenes were hilarious and it was great to see her doing something fun and not just the heavy stuff she's had to deal with since the show started

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