Once Upon a Time Preview: "The Stranger"

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Has your head stopping spinning from the latest Once Upon a Time episode yet? Do you need a few moments? We understand...

On this Sunday's "The Stranger," viewers can look forward to August will work with Emma in her attempt to overtake Regina, while Mary Margaret will return to work and Regina will set her own plan in motion.

Elsewhere, Geppetto makes an appearance in the fairytale world, agreeing to a deal with Snow White and Charming's daughter that he hopes will save his son. Watch the official ABC trailer now and return later in the week for our weekly Once Upon a Time Round Table.

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They have referred to Emma as 'the savior'...maybe Rump brought her to town because she is the ONLY one that can truly defeat Regina and the curse. True love isn't only between two adults in love--there is true love between a mother and a son, as well...

Kitanishi h mcdonald

But if the curse is broken, doesn't it mean he'd have to go back in Fairytale Land, where he'll become the magical Rumplestiltskin again, and away from his boy?
Oh but here's the catch. Rumple never said that would happen. WE KNOW NOTHING on what will happen if the curse breaks. Just like in his deal with Regina for framing MM, he chose his words VERY CAREFULLY when making his deal with snow white in pilot episode. :)


Maybe Gold has collected all those magical artifacts so he can destroy them--after he finds his son--and prove to Baelfire once and for all that he agrees magic comes with too high a price and the world is better off without it. What if he made sure he knew the one person who could break the curse would be there, so he'll be able to leave town and go look for his son! Plus, breaking Regina's curse might break her magic altogether.


@missmontyh, maybe he wasnt able to find a way to just get himself to our world but didnt nessicary want everybody else to be there since nobody there liked him cause of his powers so he made a loophole so eventually the other characters could go home to their happy endings

Anna maria

@MissMontyH I agree! I'm upset because I really though August was his son..who is he and what is he up to? Is he really dying? I also really want to see his real son, I hope it's a hot actor, the show has been seriously faulted in the area since they killed off the only hot guy..and he was ridiculously hot. Hard shoes to fill.


Could be because he knows that his plan failed and he's hoping to get a happy ending with son


One thing I wonder about after this episode: if Rumpel's plan was to end up in the world where's no magic (where his son is), why did he put everything in motion to make Emma come to town, the one who should be the one to break the curse? He gave Henry to Regina, and probably knew who his mother was. But if the curse is broken, doesn't it mean he'd have to go back in Fairytale Land, where he'll become the magical Rumplestiltskin again, and away from his boy? Now that we know why he created such a curse and gave it to Regina, I don't understand why he would bring the one person who could break it.


Once Upon a Time Season 1 Episode 20 Quotes

Your life must be filled with such incredible loneliness that your only joy comes from destroying everyone elses happiness.

Mary Margaret

Now where exactly would we be going on this magical, mystery tour?