Private Practice Preview & Sneak Peek: "And Then There Was One"

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Attention, Private Practice fans: the show needs your help.

Its first Tuesday night episode was not a smashing success in the ratings, leaving this Shonda Rhimes creation squarely on the bubble. How can you help take it off? Tune in next week for "And Then There Was One."

The installment will feature:

  • Pete and Violet in marriage counseling.
  • Amelia receiving devastating news.
  • Addison adjusting to a new presence in her life.
  • Charlotte and Cooper struggling with a quiet, defiant Mason.

Watch the official ABC trailer and a clip now:

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PLEASE don't cancel private practice! I am so sick of reality TV shows. Can't you just leave a good drama on?


I absolutely LOVE this show! I do not however like that they changed to tuesday night, and put "scandel" in its place, i gave the show a chance and watched a few times, im not impressed and wont watch it anymore. And I HATE what they are putting Amelia thru with the devastating news of the problem with the baby, I mean hasnt this character been thru enough?! What a miracle baby i thought that would of been for her. Blllah, im upset about that storyline, but never the less. DONT cancel, i think it would be a huge mistake, im not sure how they gather "ratings" for the show, but guarentee there arent a good majority of private practice fans included in those numbers!


I love Jake (Benjamin Bratt) but whoever is responsible for his wardrobe should be fired...


I LOVE Private Practice, much more than GA.... So, plssss dont stop it!


they didnt change the day to make it more interesting they wanted the new show after greys so that it would get viewers it will go back when they realize nobody is watching scandal.


Of course the show didn't do well... WE DIDN'T KNOW IT WAS MOVING TO TUESDAYS. Even the private practice facebook page didn't say--tune in to our new night or something like it. ABC has to leave Private Practice alone. With Benjamin Bratt, the show is finally more interesting and the characters can each evolve where they need to.


Wow I'm so excited about baby Henry! He looks so cute!!
Love love this show pls don't cancel it ABC we need another season


Love,Love,Love this show please do not cancel ABC. I think by the show being moved to a different night viewers did not ABC rebroadcast that the show has moved to a night Tuesday's at 10:00. ABC please do not take away Addison love her the show is great!


I'm so excited by the promo and preview! Finally, Addison got her baby and I can't wait to see her as a mother. I agree with the previous comment that Sam is frustrating. He wants Addison - without a baby and it can't work that way. It isn't fair to either of them, especially not her. And Charlotte is adorable in the preview! It's so different seeing her fawning over a baby. Really shows how much she's changed over time. I know the ratings of the last episode weren't great but please, we need at least one more season of the show. I don't know what I'd do if it were to end now! PLEASE ABC!!


Sam has really pissed me off. He can't have it both ways with Addison. You either want all of her or none.

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