Private Practice Preview & Sneak Peek: "And Then There Was One"

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Attention, Private Practice fans: the show needs your help.

Its first Tuesday night episode was not a smashing success in the ratings, leaving this Shonda Rhimes creation squarely on the bubble. How can you help take it off? Tune in next week for "And Then There Was One."

The installment will feature:

  • Pete and Violet in marriage counseling.
  • Amelia receiving devastating news.
  • Addison adjusting to a new presence in her life.
  • Charlotte and Cooper struggling with a quiet, defiant Mason.

Watch the official ABC trailer and a clip now:

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Look at Charolotte fawning over the baby! She never liked kids before, maybe a baby in char and coops future?! A baby brother or sister for Mason?


Sadly, this show is gonna have to do a lot better than last week if it wants off the bubble. I was hoping it didn't need Grey's Anatomy to survive, but the first episode GA had without Practice behind it, ratings went up and it seems Scandal is the perfect fit behind it now as its ratings are going up for it too. Meanwhile Private Practice fared much worse without it's flagging show in front of it as a ratings boost My hope is as so many fans have said, Private Practice never needed Grey's Anatomy to fly on it's own, so far, I'm a little concerned....


have got to have a few more seasons this is the ultimate show stopping and heart wrenching show love love it great actors this show is like the 90210 show we all loved so much and grew up on that was so sad when it stopped


This show should not be on the bubble. People probably didn't know it moved, I wouldn't have had I not seen the ads. If one of Shonda's shows has to go I prefer it to be Grey's or the new one which I haven't bothered watching. I have pretty much lost all interest in Grey's.


Best show ever! One more season, pleeeeasee!


I can't live without this show!!!!


i love this show....;)


Thank you for promoting it. Aw Addison is such a cute mom. Henry is adorable. I can't wait.

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