Private Practice Review: The Only One

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It’s safe to say that Private Practice has simply never been better. In fact, tonight’s tragic and powerful installment continued to show that there are so many more stories to tell at Seaside Wellness.

I still find it surprising that this series is considered to be on the bubble. Really, what’s up with that?! Nevertheless, let’s hold tight and hope for the best as we discuss "And Then There Was One."

Jake and Sam

For starters, how amazing was Caterina Scorsone’s performance?!? She did a remarkable job in portraying Amelia’s broken heart, lashing out at Addison and expressing her anger and jealousy.

Every word was filled with angst and torment as she illustrated exactly how crushed and devastated she truly was. It was a terribly unfortunate predicament for Amelia, and I could feel every ounce of her pain as she knowingly dealt with having to carry her baby without a brain. However, I also felt for Addie; every word also just felt cruel.

Luckily, Amelia was able to find some light in her darkness. After talking to a very distraught father, she realized that she must try her best to stay healthy in order to donate her baby’s organs. On another note, I couldn’t help but wish that her brother, Derek, would have visited or even just given her a call every time someone was checking up on her and she said she was fine.

This week’s medical case was definitely intense, as Violet went with her gut and discovered that a girl stabbed her younger sister multiple times. It was undeniably creepy and strange to hear the teen talk about how powerful she felt and see her fascination for death. I'll admit it was a bit difficult for me to watch; I have three younger sisters. Sure, they've all driven me crazy at times, but I can't say that I was ever anywhere close to the line of craziness that psychotic teen crossed.

Meanwhile, Sam and Jake were at odds in the beginning, fighting over Addie like two school boys. After both admitting they shared a kiss with Addison on the exact same day, they finally realized that it was up to Addison to choose which man she wanted.

I, for one, love that she chose the only one that matters at all, baby Henry. I couldn’t help but smile when she said: For the first time, in like forever, I have exactly the man that I want. This guy. (For more awesome lines like this one, be sure to check out our Private Practice quotes section.)

By the way, how absolutely amazing is Addie as a mother? I couldn’t help smiling along with both the new mommy and baby in every scene. In particular, my favorite moment was when Addie was talking nannies to baby Henry. Seriously, he was just so adorable and was constantly smiling. I can’t wait to see more of these two!

Elsewhere: Charlotte and Cooper were both struggling with a silent Mason. As usual, Charlotte was perfect in her role and was able to get Mason to talk to her. I was thoroughly frustrated with Cooper when he insisted that it was too soon and accused Charlotte of threatening Mason.

It seems like Cooper is always taking Violet’s advice when he should be trying to listen to his wife. By the way, poor Mason! I swear that little boy knows how to tug at my heartstrings like crazy. I had to take a few deep breaths after he broke down to Charlotte and admitted that he didn’t want to act like everything was normal and had no intentions of talking about his mom.
Now, it’s time for my favorite part: the Violet Annoyance Scale (VAS). I'm rating this episode a 7 on the VAS. Firstly, Violet has a dreadful baby talking voice. Secondly, the counseling sessions were hilarious to me because Violet’s finest qualities were brought to light. She loves to overanalyze and correct anyone and everything.

Then again, Violet deserves some credit as she went with her gut feeling in identifying Missy as the one who stabbed her sister to death. If it weren’t for her assistance, I would have certainly rated this episode a 10.

So, what did you think, TV Fanatics? Did you miss Sheldon? What did you think about this week’s medical case? Don’t forget to return later this week to chime in on our Private Practice Round Table.


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Charlotte's always been my favorite. Did you know she was voted the least popular character on the show a few years ago? People HATED her which bummed me out so much since I adored her from the beginning. Along with the crazy stuff always flying out of her mouth is that adorable accent. The ONE thing that would make or break this show for me is the Cooper/Charlotte relationship. They went through soooo much and they never fully got the opportunity to enjoy their happiness. They HAVE to stay together or I swear I don't think I'd be able to keep watching the show


Wow! There is a lot of hate for various characters in the comments on this episode. First, I thought it was one of the better episodes this season. I like that Addison is so focused on being a good mother to her new baby boy and is avoiding being caught up in all the love triangle drama being generated by Jake and (especially)Sam. Sam reminds me of a dog who chews on a bone until he gets tired of it, walks away, then when seeing another dog approaching the bone goes all ballistic and chases the dog away. How can he not see that if a guy wants a serious relationship with Addison now, he also has to have a relationship with her son. You can't have one without the other. And Sam still doesn't seem to accept or want that. Yes, Cooper made a really dumb comment when he told Charlotte she wasn't Mason's mother. He actually has acted fairly appreciative up until now for what she has done to help get Mason through a very rough period in his young life. So his hurtful comment was really kind of odd to me. I think he will make a big apology in the next episode because he really does love Charlotte and he knows that without her he would be in really bad shape trying to raise Mason on his own. Pete and Violot - they both played a part in screwing up their marriage and Pete wanting to just move on probably comes from his deep seeded fear that Violet, once again, is going to over analyze the problem. So he wants to avoid getting into that discussion at all, which is also wrong. I think they will work things out, as long as both of them accept what each did to damage their relationship and agree to work on their shortcomings. Amelia going off on Addison (again) - well, I guess it wasn't the drugs or going through detox that makes her act like a first class a**hole. It must just come naturally to her to rip people people to shreds that care about her the most when she is going through a crisis.


I also agree that Amelia's scenes were AMAZING, well enacted and brilliant, but as a former nurse, I don't buy that all the drugs she was taking when she conceived her baby weren't the cause for the fetus having no brain. Obviously they are at fault for such a serious birth defect. Ask any pharmacist and he will tell you that taking prescription drugs and alcohol and street drugs while pregnant are going to have a serious effect on a developing fetus. There's no way that could just be the "luck of the genetic draw" as Jake said. And I also think Sam needs to let Addison go, because he didn't want to be a father again, and she and Jake are so good together.


"I'm rating this episode a 7 on the VAS. Firstly, Violet has a dreadful baby talking voice. Secondly, the counseling sessions were hilarious to me because Violet’s finest qualities were brought to light. She loves to overanalyze and correct anyone and everything." YES! That is exactly how I felt about Violet in this episode, even if she did manage to uncover the sociopathic sister who stabbed her little sister to death, which was extremely creepy, BTW...just that whole scene where Violet was talking to the sister about how she had been stabbed and was talking about killing and death in such a normal tone of voice made me want to sleep with the light on for the next 6 months! Shudder.
And I think it was perfect of Addison to focus on her little boy Henry, and let the two men get into pissing matches themselves. I also agree that Amelia's scenes were AMAZING, well enacted and brilliant, but as a former nurse, I don't buy that all the drugs she was taking when she conceived her baby weren't the cause for the fetus having no brain. Obviously they are at fault for such a serious birth defect.


I agree with @myfavorite that Sam is full of himself. He thinks he's perfect when really he's selfish and self righteous.


Love Addison as a mommy! Don't know how many babies play Henry but OMG they are soooo adorable! Amelia will get through her tragedy and work it out. Addison is so amazing and no one can break her! Sake and Jam (lol) are BFFs now and can leave Addison alone, she finally has the bestest man she'll ever need! Charlotte rocks and Cooper, Pete and Violet well, they kind of suck right now!


How cute was Lucas when said 'how are you' to Addison? Aww


The episode was great.
Cooper is a jerk. Then again he has always been a jerk. He doesn't deserve Charlotte, nor does he appreciate her.
Addison is finally happy and has her priorities straight - Henry.
Violet is VERY annoying. You're right about her baby talk and baby voice. When her "section" is on I have no problem walking out of the room. Shondra - either rethink her character or get rid of her. She's is spoiling the show.
Sam is also full of himself.


If Violet lets Pete back with that whole "I just want it to be fun" crap I'm gonna scream!
They never should have brushed off her leaving at the end of the season like she did against his wishes last year. But at this point Pete's no longer innocent in the failures of their marriage and yet here again all he wants to do is brush it all under the rug again! Violet is right in wanting them to do the work. How do they avoid any possible pitfalls if he refuses to acknowledge and deal with the ones they already have?
A marriage can certainly be fun. But not at the expense of the basic everyday realities they have to live with.


I hate what Amelia did, what's worse is that his isnt the 1st time she does this... when she was high on drugs she called Addison barren and now she says she wishes she could rip that child from her?? I know she is hurting but if I was Addison i'd ask myself how much more this woman hates me if she thinks so little of me, she acts like Addison has it easy when she struggled for a while to get a baby... She coulda left it at "please leave me alone before i say something I will regret" I love Charlotte, she is such an amazing woman and we saw that in this episode, don't cancel this show without giving it a proper send off

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