Revenge First Look: Who Dies?

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Emily Thorne is about to deal with the death of a loved one.

ABC has released photos from "Grief," the penultimate episode of season one, while also teasing that the installment will forge "a stronger bond between Emily and Jack" based on a "personal loss."

Based on that synopsis, and the size of the grave being dug here, it's pretty clear who won't live to see the May 23 season finale, isn't it? (P.S. check out Nolan with an undercover mustache in other stills from the episode!)

Digging a Grave
Grieving a Loss
Nolan Undercover
Nolan with a Mustache
Surveilling a Scene

With three episodes to go until the Revenge season finale, TV Fanatic has now posted photos from each of these installments. There's the gallery above, along with:

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Love Revenge and would love to see Emily tell Jack who she is.......and finally be together!


Jack and Emily are the best thing on Revenge. Jack Porter is absolutely gorgeous.


At the end of this well done series, Emily will be exposed for all the terrible/revengeful things she has done; Jack & Declan are "disappointed", for lack of better words, disengage from 'Emily' and continue their lives as 'before'; the 'new' Daniel, the heir to his father's empire, admires Emily/Amanda's resourcefulness and embraces her into the 'clan'; Emily/Amanda becomes the new 'Victoria' in the clan; Conrad dies from a heart attack; Victoria goes in search of her artist/lover; Charlotte ??; Nolan goes back to being a billionaire entrepreneur; --- just my guess at an 'infinite' number of possible plot twists. Oh yes -- the real Emily -- never heard from again, nor the ?Japanese? guy. They probably fell in love and lived happily ever after.


"The Count of Monte Cristo" ends with the Count sailing off with his ladylove Haydee,and I've been convinced since the pilot that the series finale will see our heroine sailing off to Haiti with Jack.Only its sounding like the name of the character in the Dumas novel would explain his wanting to go there!


Actually, I would be much more interesed in seeing Jack and Nolan get together.


Daniel is such a whimp. Very wishywashy! After Emily takes out everyone, she and Jack need to sail off into the sunset, and travel around the world. Helping people and living a life they both look like they want.


Oh, yeah, I also thought Declan at first, not Sammy. Have to say.... there's always room for possibility on a show live Revenge.


I have to agree that the Porters are mind-numbingly boring, actually, they're the only boring thing on the show,. And Jack and Emily barely even have chemistry, but Revenge is far too good, so I'm okay with having them around each other if the writters want them to, maybe it will contribute to a good arc. About Declan, I personally hate him, but I'm enjoying the Charlotte/Declan rivalry, go Charlie.


Stop throwing Jack and Emily in our face! Nobody likes them together because the Porter boys are the most boring people on tv for me.


Could do without the swearing, but well said Mark P well said.
Jack for me is so unwatchable, I mean which idiot would keep around a bloody hoodie that could put himself in jail for the rest of his life? Even his little brother had more common sense. That being said, I also dislike Declan and was glad when Charlotte dumped his ass

Revenge Season 1 Episode 21 Quotes

I will never forget. I will never forgive.


For most the final stage of grief is acceptance but for me, grief is a life sentence without clemency.