Ringer Season Finale Review: Do You Want More?

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The season finale of Ringer ramped up the action and suspense while giving fans most - but not all - of the big reveals for which they've been waiting.

On last week's episode, crazy Catherine stole the show. But "I'm the Good Twin" was all about Bridget and Siobhan.

Andrew & Bridget Wed

Let's start with Siobhan. The moment Henry started talking about needing a down payment for the house in Chicago I knew he was scamming her. I actually felt a little sad for Siobhan. She's got twins in the NICU and she's planning to start over with the man she loves, until he pulled the rug out from under her.

When Henry walked away without even looking at those test results I suspected he already knew the truth. Siobhan's lies finally caught up with her, as they should, but I didn't think Henry had any right to act so self righteous. When he wasn't acting gullible he could be just as devious as Siobhan. Heck, he actually killed a man. 

Kicking the woman he said he loved to the curb with her newborn twins was pretty cold, even if they weren't his.

Cut over to Bridget. The vow renewal ceremony would have been lovely. Bridget even inspired Andrew to poetry. But in the end it was never meant to be. There was no way Andrew was going to hear the truth and want to forgive, forget and love again. If Bridget thought that she was fooling herself.

In one of the entertaining Ringer quotes, Bridget obviously knew what was coming…

That pedestal he puts me on, it's a long way to fall. | permalink

That's not to say that I don't hope that Andrew and Bridget won't somehow find their way back to one another. It would be great to see them get to know one another as Andrew and the real Bridget but there are a lot of lies to get passed before that happens. 

Andrew and Juliet rightfully felt betrayed but I did like how it bonded the two of them together. Between Catherine, Bridget and Siobhan, the two must feel as though they're surrounded by crazy, manipulative liars.

I loved that the final confrontation with Macawi involved both Siobhan and Bridget. Siobhan stabbing him in the leg with a high heel was apropos. It's about time someone found a decent use for those things.

Siobhan's weird looking shiny black gloves almost distracted me from Macawi's huge knife, too. Almost.

Apparently Bridget hasn't watched enough horror movies. You should always shoot the bad guy multiple times. If you only shoot him once he's likely to get up and attack you again. Of course blowing his head off works too.

So at the end of the finale we still don't officially know where Malcolm is. Yes, they found a body that could be his but we've heard that before.

My biggest disappointment was that we didn't get an actual confrontation between the two sisters. I was certain we'd have that for the finale and felt a little cheated that we didn't. 

But Bridget now knows that her sister is alive and tried to have her killed. I suppose that's something.

So as the season ends both sisters have lost everything. Neither Bridget nor Siobhan are quitters, which means they'll both be vying to get their lives back. The problem is, they want the same one.

As we all wait to hear if Ringer will continue, do you think the show deserves a second season and if so, what do you want to see in it?


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please renew ringer i mean seriously i havent even read any good reaseons as to why the cancelled it in the first place... please please pleas #RingerMovie #Ringer2013 #BringRingerBack


We want season 2! Even in France! So please, make season 2!


I'm so mad at CW for not continuing this series!


Plz brnig ringer back!!!! Me and my mother love it so much its got me wanting to find out what happens next it doesnt deserve to be cancelled never did!


I got hooked on this show only to find out that there is no true ending. The series leaves you wandering what will happen next. They should have at least put some kind of ending to it for crying out loud! I'm starting to think that CW is not worth watching because this is not the first time they disappointed me. :(


Bring back Ringer! Just watched in on Netflix and really liked it?... Pretty please!


bring back Ringer! Just watched in on Netflix and really liked it?...


please bring it back I didn't get to watch it on night it aired I had to do it a few days later put it on a different night it will make It please give it one more try please


This is a wonderful series which should continue as it does keep the audience on the edge of their seat at the end of each episode. It would be a shame to let all that talent go to waste. Sarah Michelle Gellar Gives a stunning performance in each episode and we wish to see her back again with the rest of the cast of ringer! We do so hope you read these requests and comply- best wishes to the entire cast !


I loved this show, I started watching when it first aired, and due to school and wisdom teeth removal and a messed up DVR, I only got to the mid season finale and ended up thinking that I'd finished the season and it was gone forever. I really wish they would have made a second season, or at least an episode or two to tie up the loose ends, but I doubt that will happen. I personally LOVED this show, I didn't think the plot was all over the place or too hard to keep up with, it was fast paced and it ALWAYS surprised me. I just watched the last episode and wish there was more to see but there isn't. :( This isn't the first time the CW has ended a show I love with no explanation of what happened in the end. The CW does have quite a few shows I like, and while I understand why (somewhat) they ended the show and others, I still wish there was something for the big fans of the show.

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