Ringer Season Finale Preview: Will the Truth Come Out?

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It's all come down to this on Ringer.

While fans worry about whether or not Tuesday's episode will be season finale or a series finale - vote to save the show now! - Bridget will simply be worrying about telling Andrew the truth prior to saying her vows.

Elsewhere on "I'm the Good Twin," look for Agent Machado to be forced off the case and for Henry to decide if he ought to talk to Bridget about her sister. How will the complicated mess be solved? Watch the official CW promo now:

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Please dont cancal ringer.I have really enjoyed watching it.I want to know if bridget finds shobion and is malcom dead?.Would also love bridget and andrew to find happiness together. Please please dont cancel ringer.Cancel glee or 90210 or even desprate housewives but not ringer.


This episode looks like its gonna be really great! Cant wait to see what new twist they are going to give us! All I have been seeing on the CW when they promote the show is "season finale" so I'm crossing my fingers that the show will have another season (and many more!) I hope the CW gives Ringer a real chance to grow its fan base. Buffy started out small too and look at how long that show went on. I just know Ringer can have the same shelf life as Buffy did!


I cant wait for the new ep. I can tell its going to be a good one. Holding on hope for a new season.I dont know why, but I think the show will get a new season.


I love this show and want to keep it, but not if it means they'll cancel Hart of Dixie in its place. If they manage to keep both these shows and cancel Gossip Girl and 90210, I'll be fine with it.


100% sure it's going to be series finale. I love the show and want to have confidence, but the small fanbase isn't enough to keep it since it's still a freshman show.

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Ringer Season 1 Episode 22 Quotes

No offense but I don't think you'd fair too well in jail.


Do you really think there's going to be an aisle to walk down once you tell Andrew?