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Good review and I agree with virtually everything said. I usually try to avoid the "B" word when describing someone like Ivy because I think it's kind of sexist (my two daughters really get on to me when I use the term). But really, is there any better way to describe Ivy? She is a piece of work and I hope Derrek and everyone else in the show finds out about that little stunt she pulled with the fake text message to Karen.

As for Karen and Dev, I'm afraid that relationship is doomed. He will never be able to live with the fact that Karen's career, at least for now, is far more important to her than he is. And as her star continues to grow brighter and his fades, there is also some jealousy involved. Too bad. When she was going nowhere and he appeared to be the one on the way up, he was very supportive of her. I don't see Karen reciprocating that much now with things in reverse. So I guess we are going to see yet another relationship chewed up by show biz. It seems Rebecca was right.


That was a fun episode! Karma IS biting Ellis in the butt because he's the one who brought Rebecca, the Movie Stah, into the production. Now, he's assigned "smoothie" duty! HA! Serves him right! Also enjoyed the chorus' response to Derek storming out & confronting Rebecca. Did anyone else notice how statuesque Uma Thurman is? She's eye-to-eye w/Derek without wearing heels.

I don't watch movies from India because my plate is backlogged w/enough U.S. titles. But, the Bollywood number was a hoot! Kat McPhee was so much sexier in that one number than she's been in any Marilyn-themed routine for the entire series. Good for her for rising to the challenge of Indian dance moves. The background scenes w/the other character had me LOL. My opinion on Dev hasn't changed though - if he can't be supportive of Karen & her dreams (which he knew about before), cut him loose! She doesn't need an insecure guy dragging her down.


@Virg It was announced weeks ago that SMASH will be back for a second season.....change the channel if you don't like it.........


Still do not like Ivy, she doesn't deserve to play Marilyn. I hope Derrick finds out the truth. Do not like Ellis.......scum of the earth.

I'm surprised the reviewer didn't touch on Leo. Leo is a spoiled brat......."Oh poor pitiful me, My parents are going through something that has nothing to do with me and I don't know what do to other than make it about me" This arc is adding NOTHING to the story other than how it affects Julia.

For those of you knocking on Eileen dating.........just because someone is in their 60's doesn't mean they can't date............

Previews showed Julia saying if Michael Swift is brought back in that she's out............hmmmmmmmmmmmm

I do hope karma kicks Ellis and Ivy's ass and real soon..........


Someone please tell me this mess has not been renewed.


This was a really good episode!
Ivy is such a mean and bad person there is nothing nice about her, well she is nice to Sam as she dose not feel threatened by him and she and Derek are fine at the moment but otherwise she is just nasty to everyone and the only way she can get a song is to steal it from Karen! Her and Ellis would make the perfect couple!
I am glad that Leo was okay but sorry, that friend of Leo's mother should have said that Leo was staying with them, being and adult she should NOT have lied about his whereabouts, especially as Julia and Frank were so worried and had the police involved as they thought he was "missing".
So Dev and Karen are fine now after last weeks huge fight?!?! Next week we see him cheating on Karen with RJ and then proposing to Karen! WOW!
I personally really like the Bollywood number, while it was kind of forced and out of place in a way, I really really liked it!
I love Thorsten Kaye! Normally he is 13 years older than me and normally I do not fine men that age attractive but he is!
I am looking forward to next week!


Just when you start to like Ivy, Bam! I still like her, but in a feel sorry for her kind of way. I love her voice, and I think she would still make the better Marilyn, with Karen as her understudy. I don't think Karen is ready for a lead yet, even though her voice is amazing too. I hope they get rid of Rebecca soon.


okay i am sorry this will sound awful but this is TV, it's the art of the visual perception. Eileen looks too old to be having any romantic relationship on screen. i mean they can tell us that she is dating so and so but i just hope there will be no real kisses that we can see. it's like watch your mother make out. everybody knows that it happens but no kid really wants to see it u know. Plus, no offense, but he looks like he is way younger than she is, she looks like she is in her late sixties and he looks like he is in his early fifties tops.


i had to pause it to say how much i liked this episode so far, Karen singing Snow Patrol's song "Run" was amazing and even this is an understatement, i don't know why so many people hate Katherine, the Bollywood skit was also amazing, this show deserves its audience and even more, i never thought as much as i do today that this show deserved to be renewed and hopefully return with an even bigger audience

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