South Park Review: "Jewpacabra"

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Cartman, converting to Judaism? Now we have seen it all on South Park.

"Jewpacabra" starts with Kyle discovering Cartman talking to his mom about Judaism. Cartman is a noted anti-Semite, so this is a rather shocking admission. Of course, he's only collecting reconnaisance so he can spread the word of the most fearsome creature that preys on non-Jewish children: the Jewpacabra.

No one believes Cartman, because he's been known to spread lies about the Jewish faith before. So he goes out to fabricate evidence of this creature's existence, and takes it to a group of monster hunters, hoping to get a supermarket chain's Easter Egg hunt canceled. Because when people think of Sooper Foods, they think of fun and safety. The Jewpacabra is neither fun nor safe for children.

A South Park Easter

Of course, the Jewpacabra turns out to be real – or at least something shows up on the tape that causes Cartman to get really scared that his lie is spiraling out of control. This eventually leads to him being tied up in a park in an Easter Bunny outfit, hoping to survive the Jewpacabra. Oh, and he has a Passover-themed hallucination that causes him to convert to Judaism.

This episode was a weird one. Of course, they went after the easy target of supernatural creature hunters, and didn't have anything really new to say on that front. Yes, they're ridiculous, possibly making it all up, and in it for the reality TV exposure... but is this anything we weren't all thinking already?

It is funny to watch one of Cartman's harebrained schemes come back to bite him in the end. However, the seeming moral - of Cartman turning Jewish because of his tranquilizer dart-induced hallucination - fell kind of flat. This was because in part it seemed like the hallucination just showed Jewish people slitting the throats of lambs and rubbing the slit on their doors to ward off God's wrath while frogs fell from the sky and little Egyptian boys' heads exploded.

Yes, it was another week of gratuitious violence on South Park!

That, and there just weren't a lot of big guffaws to be had from this episode. There were a lot of little jokes and South Park quotes along with the irony of Cartman's situation, but no big memorable gags.

The humor value of Cartman's 'conversion' will come from if it sticks in future weeks, or if this is just a one-off episode meant to serve as a hypothetical "What would it take to turn Eric Cartman Jewish?!? THIS!" situation. Personally, I'd rather it be the latter, as this episode was kind of forgettable.

Despite my thoughts here, it does join the proud pantheon of Passover-themed cartoon shows with Rugrats. They may be the only members of the pantheon, but we need more cartoons celebrating other holidays. Well, we need better ones at least.


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Dont you all get (especially Mason) that they made fun of Jewish biblical accounts on plagues like the "Death of the firstborn" by saying in the end that they cant do anything else then let the stupid be stupid and how everybody wont get that the Jews got it right?
I mean its pretty straightforward irony to me. They mock these stories that just dont make any sense. If South Park is nothing but Zionist propaganda then that would just be a contra-productive move from them. If you really think the Jews are always getting the soft treatment in South Park (and im not talking about the obvious anti-Semitic jokes) than you havent watched enough South Park, or you were really unobservant.


It amazes me how ignorant Mason is. Maybe the fact that Jews make up less than 1% of the world's population can contribute to the fact they are the least made fun of on the show. But who cares? Going to get your panties in a bunch because they won't degenerate jews to your liking?


Thought the episode was pretty weak, bad even, but I liked their take on seven plagues


>"any character or real celebrities who are anti-Semitic are portraited horribly" As they should be. What, should South Park be in the business of glorifying Jew haters? Umm... you are reading my review out of context. Read the whole thing, I never said Southpark should especially hate Jewish people. All I'm saying is they seem to be extra easy on Jewish race/Jewish religion compare to every other race/religion.
Anything else they will make fun of it and point out it's flaw very harshly (which is ok, that's what Southpark is all about) but with anything to do with Jewish people, they work really hard to make it look innocent and good as possible, and victimize them by creating a evil character (Cartman) who harass them all the time. Read Mason's review too, he made a really good point about this.


This isnt a review...You just narrate all the scenes..Your an asshole for spoiling south park for millions of readers, fuck you


"any character or real celebrities who are anti-Semitic are portraited horribly" As they should be. What, should South Park be in the business of glorifying Jew haters? Should they do an episode of why Hitler was a saint and the Jews had it coming to them? My goodness...I've very rarely seen anybody outright support anti-semitism before. Read more:


I can't believe what I'm seeing here...some nutjobs in here actually think South Park is "Zionist propaganda". *facepalm* I'm done.


I agree with hill.... Cartmen's flashback in Egypt part was funny, it's the Southpark we all know, making fun of everything and anything. They were poking fun of Judaism like every other religion they made fun of. Then, when I saw the ending I just felt something was wrong... very wrong.... I thought this before, but now I think strongly then ever, that this show is getting paid to spread Zionist propaganda or something... as Mason said, any character or real celebrities who are anti-Semitic are portraited horribly, and Jewish people are portraited as smart people with good morals and good well, and they make least fun of Hebrew religion compare to any other belief.
Southpark use to not be biased like this before....What happened to? I wonder if Tray and Matt doing this in their own well, or if are they getting funded by someone....


This was in fact one of my favorites. Every religion is as stupid as others, and this was the whole point of the episode. If you didn't get it, don't post a review, and waste people's time!


It really goes to show the creator’s true intentions on the show. They constantly portray the anti-Semitic Cartman as stupid fat and lazy, among countless other faults. Kyle on the other hand, always the clever and innocent one, is constantly the butt of all Cartman’s jokes and is victimized most of the time. There are numerous slanders to any catholic on the show, as well as a regular character “Jesus� who is the host of a local religious talk show. They make fun of everything except for anything having to do with Judaism, and when it even comes close you soon get some lecture of the bad moralities of such thoughts. Yet they can show catholic priests molesting young boys as following their cannon law telling them to do so. This is suppose to be an edgy show that tries to go against the mainstream. However most of the mainstream including this show are nothing more then Zionist brainwashing.

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South Park Season 16 Episode 4 Quotes

Mr. Billings: What are the chances that Jewpacabra is real?
Peters: I'm estimating around .000000001%.
Mr. Billings: I can't afford to take that chance.

You can't scare a Jewpacabra! Don't forget Butters, we're dealing with a creature that drinks blood, hides in the night, and has no belief in the divinity of Christ.