Supernatural Photo Preview: Look Who's Back!

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You won't be dreaming on Friday night, Supernatural fans: Castiel is about to awaken!

On the episode titled "Reading is Fundamental," Rachel Miner reprises the role of Meg and alerts the brothers that their pal is up and about. Is he the same old Castiel? Watch this clip of his first encounter with the siblings and see for yourself:

Elsewhere, a bolt of lightening strikes a teenager named Kevin, turning him into a reluctant prophet. Does he now possess the key to defeating the Leviathan? Sam and Dean believe so. But they must deal with a pair of Archangels who want the kid for themselves first.

Check out the official trailer for this Supernatural episode now, and then click through the following photos for your first look at Castiel and company in action:

The Brothers and Castiel
Welcome, Castiel!
Castiel and Meg
Reading is Fundamental Scene
Rachel Miner as Meg

NOTE: What will go down on the Supernatural season 7 finale? Find out now!

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Mixed feelings about this really. The 'pull my finger' gag is old and generally considered a bad joke anyway. But it's DEFINATELY not something we would expect of Castiel. When I first saw the clip, I laughed. A lot. But now that I've had time to think about it, I'm not quite sure whether or not to be worried. While seeing the character actually crack a full smile and not the small ones we're used to from him (like in 'The Born-Again Identity') was rather nice, it's also strangely sad. I guess we won't know the full extent of how he's been affected by taking on Sam's hallucinations until tomorrow evening. But I'm not sure what to think about (yet another?) a major character-shift for Castiel. And I agree with Richard. If Meg doesn't have an ulterior motive; I will happily eat my laptop keys.


Pull my finger. I think Lucifer is making his presence felt through Castiel. What other reason could there be for Meg (Lucifer loyalist) to be watching over Cas?

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