Survivor Review: Troyzan, The Ultimate Terror

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Troyzan was on a war path as Survivor went from nine to eight this week, and it was not only because he won the immunity challenge. He was also responsible for some extremely entertaining trash talk - and for causing a very strange vote at tribal council.

After Jay was voted out last Wednesday, and Troy realized he had been lied to and was all alone in the game, he kind of lost it a bit in "I'm No Dummy." He took on a “me against the world” ideology, and took out a lot of his frustrations against those that wronged him most.

Auction Gavel

The first way he got back at the ladies of Survivor was by winning immunity and forcing them to eliminate a weaker competitor in Leif. Troyzan helped his cause in the competition by refusing to play the Reward Auction with either his heart or his stomach, but rather his brain.

He passed on a number of delicious food items, and a letter from home, in order to wait on an advantage in the challenge that he highly suspected was coming. Although he naively didn't just bid $500 immediately, Troyzan finally outbid Christina (and the entire group goading her on) with $420.

His advantage was crucial, but he still had a lot of work to do after picking up a bye to round two. Against this group of misfits, I wasn't surprised at all that he came away victorious.  Come on, Tarzan came in second for crying out loud. I was, however, surprised at the berating he did of his fellow survivors.

I don't take issue with it at all. He was just talking smack, and he was on the outs anyway, so for me it was just pure entertainment. Between "This is myyyy island," "I've been going 50 percent," and telling them all not to f*ck with him, Troyzan was on fire.

Once he had the necklace on things started to get very interesting. Troy thought of the standard but smart plan of trying to get the bottom half of the tribe to rise up against the top half, and many of the survivors seemed receptive to it.

Why it didn't work I have no idea. What did Tarzan and Christina have to gain by not taking Troy up on his plan?  Was it that they couldn't trust him? Well, even if he wouldn't have stayed on their team - which I don't see why he wouldn't have - it still would have been even numbers at four to four.

Unless either has a secret alliance going on, they are the next two to go after Leif, and for all they knew, it could have been one of them going home this week. Why are contestants on these shows always so afraid to make the big move? They even talked the entire situation out at tribal council! How did they not realize that the plan being explained in detail right in front of their faces was the best move for them?

So how did we get a 4-3-2 vote between Leif, Tarzan, and Kim? Well, Troy and Leif voted for Kim, and that makes sense. Sabrina, Kat, Chelsea and Tarzan voted for Leif, while Kim, Alicia, and Christina voted for Tarzan. Were none of these people talking to each other?  Did they all just go in blind? Why was Kim not voting with Chelsea, Sabrina, and Kat?

These women might be controlling this game, but they don't seem to be very composed in doing so. Troyzan, in all his hysteria, seems to have them rattled. All I can hope for is that Troyzan wins a few more times, and can convince somebody to align with him near the end. It won't be very entertaining without him.

What about you all?  What did you think of "I'm No Dummy?" Were you rooting for Troyzan, or are you sick of his attitude? If you were in the bottom half of the tribe, would you have voted with Troyzan? And most importantly, which food item would you have bid on in the auction?


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I'm rooting for Troy, but he shouldn't be so loud and whiny, because their is no chance any girls will vote for him.


personally i think everyone made a possibly rational decision besides Tarzan. I can understand why Alicia and Christina might feel that sticking with the core woman can be better. But Tarzan voting for Leif? WTF, he's not even in the woman alliance, stupid decision on his part. He's been a wack all this time, and can't be more evident from yesterday's episode, and I thought surgeons are smart.


For the bottom 5 to make a move, the tricky thing is that all 5 MUST be on board, otherwise if it fails or even just one person isn't 100% you are putting a target on your back. And can you imagine getting those unstable misfits in any sort of coherent rebel alliance? Tarzan, Christina, Alicia? No chance. None of them are strong enough players to shake things up like that. But it was Troy's only chance, so good on him for at least making them look stupid by having them reject it. KIM for the win, unless Troy can keep winning.


Too many cowards and morons on this season, and they are competing for 5th place. It is hard to respect anyone but Kim and Troy at this point, mainly because Chelsea and Sabrina have taken to blaming their victim with irrational arguments. It is refreshing to see Troyzan actually defend himself, even if it might be hurting his game at times. Maybe Christina can take notes.


What if the reason the split vote bet. Tarzan and Leif was insurance against a possible surprise immunity idol coming into play by either Tarzan or Leif, thus insuring that either will be kicked out? The women (Kim?) DID somehow believe, or were truly paranoid, that Troyzan could have found another idol - and that he could have given it to either Leif or Tarzan. Splitting the vote, even if a hypothetical idol would have been played, would ensure Kim's safety and assure another man getting kicked out. This is probably another reason why Kim was so confident coming into this tribal council. If Kim really did feel threatened, she would have played her idol. My theory could also probably explain the women's sometimes confusing vote patterns in previous tribal councils. Having three (or more?) heads on the chopping block instead of two, is the best safety net against prospective immunity idol(s) still up in the air. With all that said, I wish Troyzan all the best.


I want Troy to win now. Only because some of these women who are clearly not at the core of the alliance are to stupid to realise they are on the outs. Alicia, Christina and even Kat, wake up! Decide your on future in Survivor and stop waiting for someone else to do so.


Troyzan for the win!!! The women are whiny, painful to watch and Troyzan really wants it. Go Troyzan!


Troy needs to go!He's just so annoying and if he gets to final 3,the guys will vote for him.Go kim and Chelsea!!


The split vote was probably kim's idea, to make sure that Leif doesn't have the idol (either from finding it or getting it from Troyzan). This really was the last chance for a big switch. Troyzan hasn't got a prayer really; he's not that good in challenges and anyway nobody wants to take him to the end because the boys would vote for him.


There was a huge chance of voting Kim out tonight if Tarzan and Christina did stick with Troyzan... Why did't they do so when Troyzan has clarified the entire situation to them~~ Too coward to make move??? Troyzan for the WIN~~~~~~~~~~

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