The Big C Season 3 Premiere Review: The Unkillables

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Hmm... so will The Big C now go by The Big H, for Heart Attack?

Or perhaps The Big A, for Alexis?

Indeed, the season three premiere answered one pressing questions left over from the season two finale immediately, while setting up a different, unusual dynamic in the Jamison household.

Cathy as Alexis

Paul is alive. He survived his heart attack and seems generally fine health-wise, save for the occasional, accidental Andrea or Thomas-related shock.

I'll be honest: I was hoping he'd die. Not because I dislike Oliver Platt in the role, simply because The Big C could have used a big shake-up. I've always loved Laura Linney and I'll tune in each Sunday night just to watch her performance. But the series as a whole straddles the line between comedy and drama almost too much. It's not entirely sure what it is or where it wants to go.

That same assessment applies to this episode. Not a great deal happened, at least not organically. A lot of exposition was simply laid out for us: Andrea is embracing her African roots; Adam might give prayer a chance; Paul saw the light and has vowed to worry less, enjoy life more; and, in what was meant to be the most jarring development, Cathy has taken on the persona of Alexis Bertrand at a bar, something that's clearly been going on for awhile, given her close relationship to other patrons.

She appears to be selling herself as a widow, meaning this is... what? A coping mechanism she thought up when she feared Paul wouldn't make it? A way for her to bring attention back on herself once she realized Paul's condition would lead to a changing of roles at home?

I'm not sure. I can't say I understand Cathy too well right now. She was certainly sincere in her reaction to the doctor's great news. She does want to live. But she clearly doesn't want to live as Cathy Jamison, not all the time at least.

It seems to be a sudden change, given that we last saw her completing the Minneapolis marathon, (which took place on New Year's Day, right? So just over a month has come by, correct?), seemingly on top of her troubled world. She then collapsed at the thought of Paul dying and... here we are. There's a lot that has to be filled in there.

Why is Cathy living a double life? Does Paul remain out of a job? Just how much time does Cathy have left? I'm - thankfully - unfamiliar with cancer diagnoses, but that seemed like an awfully quick appointment. Living with an ellipse instead of a period is great, but wouldn't Cathy have many more questions surrounding her condition?

Overall, I thought it was a rather boring return. I'm not too invested in Andrea's African adventure, she works best as a side character. We've already seen Sean as a quasi nut job, I'm far more interested in seeing him mature as a possibly future guardian than lie back and live in a frozen home. That just seems silly for him at this point.

There certainly is an interesting future on tap if Cathy really is healing and Paul really is sick. I'd be curious to watch that role reversal. But aside from teasing it, the season three premiere didn't hook me in at all. What about you? Were you surprised to see Paul alive and mostly well? Where do you hope this season heads?


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I love this show so much! It's a new fresh and the cast is spectacular 😸😻


where can I watch season three of the big c???? this show, just finished season 2 on Netflix and theres no season three


Correction* Andrea


I agree that Andria's character is nothing but a distraction. Her relevance is questionable.


Loved the first 2 seasons. Couldn't wait for the 3rd. The first episode was like watching a totally different show. The writing was a joke. They made good actors look bad somehow. It's like they took away everything good or deep about the show and rep[laced it with shells of the characters, acting out their parts for the sake of who knows what. I think people are pointing the finger at Andrea because they don't understand that the writing is what ruined it. It absolutely CAN'T be the same writers. Laura Linney deserves better. I've already taken Jakob's advice. That episode was so bad, I will not give this show another chance. I'm done.


Totally enjoying season 3. Glad Paul came back from the dead, my dad passed away with cancer and in no way am I offended, ppl in this situation need a good laugh and this does it for me - thanks to the writers for an awesome show


Please, get rid of Andrea. The character has zero use on the show and Ms. Sidibe's acting is truly horrible. Every scene she is in is flat and watching the actors she shares the screen with try to save her is embarrassing for everyone. She should have stayed in Africa.


The Big C is now the Big D for DISAPPOINTMENT. The previously superb writing and acting has mattastisized into superfluous side shows. Andrea is neither interesting or necesssary for the shows story line and appears as a filler to give the writers something to say. Sean, although an interesting character in his own right has been taken dow a ridiculous and totally unbelieveable story line involving phone sex. It would seem the writers took the summer off and turned the show over to a bunch of adolescent college students as a summer project. This is unfortunate as the show could have gone out as a winner, not as a joke.


I think the whole Andrea character is irrelevant to the main plot and serves only as a distraction...and not an interesting one at that.


I have stage 4 breast cancer and watching this show (good storylines or not) is a bright spot in my week. I really can identify with a lot of what's shown, particularly the medical story line aspects. I loved last season and I'm hopeful for this season. A couple of things however really bother me so far. Cancer treatment and alcohol do not mix and smoking is a horrible thing to do if you're trying to survive. I cringe every time I see her character drinking or smoking (she's not smoked before) as it seems totally out of character for a cancer patient in treatment.

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