The Client List Review: Beware of Frenemies

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There's no enemy more dangerous than a former friend. Hopefully that's a lesson that Riley has learned after a little "Tough Love."

Everything's going great at work. The clients like Riley. The girls like Riley and Georgia likes Riley enough to make her the new manager. Well, nothing will turn friends into enemies quicker than a promotion and good pal Selena didn't waste any time stabbing the knife into Riley's back.

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I'll admit that I thought Riley was asking for trouble when she told Selena couldn't take on outside clients. Yes, it was absolutely stupid of Selena to do it. It's dangerous for the spa and for her personally but Selena's not a girl who thinks things through a lot.

Plus, there was really no way for Riley to enforce the order. Yeah, she could tell Georgia and get Selena fired but that could lead to a whole mess of trouble. Selena's a loose cannon and I have no doubt she'll be stirring up more trouble soon.

Georgia certainly showed that she's strong enough to run this operation, as she told off Don when he threatened her. As she said in this The Client List quote:

Man needs to learn not to go digging up more snakes than he can kill. | permalink

And Georgia's not going down without a fight. Don't let the sweet Southern accent fool you. The claws come out when you cross her.

On a side note, I loved the sexy business woman lingerie Riley wore when she was with Don. They should really have a buy it here section on the show's website.

Something felt off about Linette's new beau, Garrett. Did anyone else think he was going to show up at The Rub as a special client? I hope not for Linette's sake but it wouldn't surprise me. They guy just seemed too good to be true.

Little Katie just about broke my heart. Daddy's gone and she's acting out. The funniest part was when she slammed the door on Zach and his Dad. The last thing you'd want is your enemy from school showing up at your home.

Thank goodness Riley finally told the kids the truth. They had the right to know, even though it won't make things any easier.

So Kyle took off to Mexico. Why? Was he running to something like a job or a girl or was he running from something? Did Kyle simply lose it and run out on his family or is there more to that story?

I have no doubt that Kyle will pop up again at the most inopportune moment, but how long do you think it will be before Evan breaks down and makes a move on Riley? And does anyone else agree with me about Garrett or I am just a distrusting soul?


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I'm so addicted to this show! I feel like the woman or men who are crying about the show disgracing the name of massage therapy is full of it! Most massage spots do more of a "Selena" than legitimate massages anyway! So stop playing! Tricks is for kids! Secondly, if Riley or Evan don't make a move already,I think I'm gonna lose it! Evan is just too delicious and too damn good of a man for Riley to keep passing up on a technicality like brotherhood. Mmmmmmmm Jesus that man could get it! Sorry.... Was having a moment. Selena... Why Evan?! Why? Riley needs to grab ahold of her man and get her life back on track.
That lil chocolate girl need to cancel her wedding and I believe Selena just pursued Evan, simply to get under Riley's skin.


Guys, stop screaming about how this show being a really bad publicity for massage and spa!! It is a show based on a true event which I am sure was far worse than what they show in the Client list, and Riley and the girls are not whores they do massages and sometimes special stuff for guys they don't actually have sex with them. Georgia is not a pimp trying to steal from the girls and Selena is not a whore just a jealous competition. All the comment just show how retard a lot of people in America are, here in Europe our TV show and movies show far worst than that!!


Totally agree Garett is too good to be true, I smell a really bad surprise for Linette. And by the way, I love this show, not too much drama, not too much comedy, a lot of questions needing to be answered, The client list is just the best US-show I have ever seen!


Attention Walmart shoplifters. This festering turd of a show should be canceled right away. The story {if you want to call it that} is so off the wall ignorant it can't be watched with any ounce of believing this could ever happen. I especially appreciated that she came home from working at the house of ill repute (after complaining to her boss about the word WHORE) being painted on the side of her shiny new GMC SUV, "this is just not a good working environment!" ha ha ha. Comes home to find her sweaty shirtless brother in law mowing the lawn (! will wonders never cease) STOP she tells him what are you doing here! Do not mow my lawn without your shirt on what will the neighbors think! (DER you are a hooker..) Dumbest show ever! and puts massage therapy in a questionable light. Look out for angry wives showing up at your offices after your clients leave even if you are legit! This show makes hooking look like a cake walk down picadilly lane, and I think it's a shame that neandrotrolls sit around watching it. They probably believe this garbage is for real. Pooh on you Lifetime. Poooh! No really I'd rather watch Pooh bear.


This show really sets the massage profession BACK 20 years. We have worked for years to get rid of the negative stigmatism attached to massage. This show is in poor taste.


btw, did anybody else notice how defensive Evan acted when Riley accused the dad of that kid in checking out her legs? loved it. she definitely chose the wrong brother;. now i think they should take it SLOWLY but surely towards getting those two together.


I agree completely and really thought Garret was going to walk through the door of the spa. I think when Riley starts to fall for someone else, possibly Evan, is when Kyle will show back up. Glad she told the kids but I was in tears as she was telling them.


Loove this show! Well, if you saw next week's preview, Georgia recognizes Garrett so that can't be good! Can't wait for next week!


how could you give this 4 stars? the acting is poor to acceptable, the casting is wildly unbelievable, and riley shouldve just let the bitch be a part time hooker to begin with. in the begninning of the ep she was all like, "well, money is tight" but when she gets the promotion, oh, selena your a whore and your stealing our business and im gonna not let you go. 2 stars. show can do better. lets see it


i got addicted, love Riley, and worried for her, that back stabbing friend of hers is bad news through and through. and i agree Kyle will show up at the was moment, just as soon as Riley will decide to move on, maybe even with Evan.

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