The CW: Save Which Show?

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The Vampire Diaries is definitely coming back. Gossip Girl is likely receiving a sixth, shortened season. Based on this Supernatural announcement, it's hard to believe we won't be seeing more of Sam and Dean Winchester this fall.

But all other CW programs are squarely on the bubble, as this network has a number of promising pilots planned, only a select number of spots on its 2012-2013 schedule and no real breakout hit in the last two years.

In other words: at least one show has to go. If not two and even, it wouldn't shock us, three.

That got us thinking, which show(s) do you think most deserve another season on the network?

In Her Sights
At the Sweetie Pie Dance
All Girls

Which of the following CW dramas do you most want to see renewed? Pick one out now:

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secret circle,nikita,ringer.


Ringer Nikita ans Secret Circle


I love both Ringer and TSC very much, but Ringer, man... that is the real shit.


The secret circle all the way its the best.


#SaveRinger #SaveRinger #SaveRinger #SaveRinger #SaveRinger


fuck hart of dixie!!! RINGER ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


the secret circle, cuz the guys are hot. all girls are pretty. amazing actors. the plot is just beyond perfect/amazing. every episode is like a move. like all the other shows up here are boring. the secret circle is always EVERY EPISODE.


TSC?! BY FAR. nothing will ever compare to the secret circle..i mean cumon lets be realistic here people..


the secret circle.


the secret circle. "TSC"

Gossip Girl Quotes

Don't ever go to high school, Dorota. The girls are spoiled, stupid and ungrateful! One snapshot with a socialite and it's all Serena, Serena, Serena!


Gossip Girl: Sorry, boys. But didn't you know that if you wait to long to seize the day—
Chuck: Gone.
Louis: Where would she go?
Gossip Girl: The one you want could get away.