The CW: Save Which Show?

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The Vampire Diaries is definitely coming back. Gossip Girl is likely receiving a sixth, shortened season. Based on this Supernatural announcement, it's hard to believe we won't be seeing more of Sam and Dean Winchester this fall.

But all other CW programs are squarely on the bubble, as this network has a number of promising pilots planned, only a select number of spots on its 2012-2013 schedule and no real breakout hit in the last two years.

In other words: at least one show has to go. If not two and even, it wouldn't shock us, three.

That got us thinking, which show(s) do you think most deserve another season on the network?

In Her Sights
At the Sweetie Pie Dance
All Girls

Which of the following CW dramas do you most want to see renewed? Pick one out now:

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Ringer is the best show on this list! After all, this is SMG we're talking about!


They should definitely keep Ringer. I blame Ringer's ratings loss on the CW because it was put on hiatus for far too long before it returned in the new year. I think much of the damage was done then. The few start up episodes when it returned were focused on building out the complexities of the plot so the momentum may have slowed but the last half dozen episodes have been really good and so was the finale. It's the CW and CW isn't known for creating shows with much depth so, for what Ringer is and for the network it's on, it definitely shouldn't be cancelled, especially since the networks programming killed the shows initial momentum and ultimately messed with it's viewership and therefore ratings. Don't let us suffer for your mistakes CW...BRING BACK RINGER IN THE FALL!!!!!


Ringer, secret circle and vampire diaries. Ringer is original and suspensful. It is unlike any other show on all networks. All the actors take the show to a different plain. The cw was smart to pick up this show, because it captured a older and more adult audience for there network. To cancel the show now would be premature and stupid.


save NIKITA!


Ringer is my favorite show, the only show I watch every week.


Ringer is by far the coolest show that premiered in 2011!!! I am addicted and would be heart broken if it got cancelled :(
I desperately need to know what happens next...
please give me a season 2 CW!


Save Hart of Dixie


RINGER!!!!!! PLEASE!!!! There are few good shows left and this is one of them!


Please save RINGER!


Two Words - SAVE RINGER!

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