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Julianna Margulies and josh Charles has no chemistry as Will & Alicia, it makes her act and look like a low class person.


It is true , I miss Wil. It is time for him to come back at work as a lawyer. The dynamic is missing at the firm. I'll hope season wont'be only for Peter campaign


Very good show
I'am impress by Josh Charles, Chritine Baranki as partners at the firm.
they're so good together. Christine is brilliant.
My favorite couple Wil & Alicia .OMFG


Julianna Margulies and josh Charles has so much chemistry as Will & Alicia.
Good team ! Team Gardner
I love this show


The best episode of all 3 seasons the writers and producers are finnally getting the message of the people we want drama and suspence not SEX. Keep Will's Johnson buried and forgotten its not worth a plum nickle.


Mike Kreveska is the worst kind of lawyer that there is. He just doesn't care about truth or justice, he only wants power and the worst of all: nobody except Alicia knows that.


I really think Mike has evidence or something that reveal€s the sexual relationship between Will & Alicia .. I really hope he hasn't .. But he could have something that could destroy Alicia's reputation ..

Pffff, My favorite scene must be the one with Kalinda reading the note Cary left her haha, smartass!

This episode was GOOD! Definitely worth an A!

It's very unfortunate that this season almost ends .. we'll have to wait for a long time AGAIN for new episodes .. :-(

Anyway, I still hope Alicia & Will get back together, I didn't like the drugaddict or was it alcoholaddict?


Sisi - The Netherlands


Very good episode. A- One of the best of the season. I did not see the last scene coming. Good for the writers. If anything, at least Julianna Margulies and Chris Noth look good together, just like Alan Cumming and Parker Posey. Rooting for both couples. But I only see tears in everybody's future.


1. Eli and his ex..

2. No! Agree with Matt, "What will her kids do/think/say?"

3. No.

4. Yes. You need The DNC to through a victory party.

5. C

My favorite show last year has now dropped out of my top ten.


The next two episodes better be just as incredible as this one was. If they are, there will be a lot to talk about over the summer!

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