The Good Wife Trailer: All on the Line

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How do you keep an ambitious man from running? Tell him you'll go after his family, with everything you've got.

Following the latest new episode of The Good Wife, it looks like we may have underestimated Matthew Perry's Mike Kresteva. This guy is far more shady than just a lawyer who prefers to expedite cases and remain on the good side of judges. He has a major agenda.

That much is made clear in the just-released new trailer for the remaining three episodes of season three, which depict Kresteva threatening Peter; Alicia encouraging her husband to run for Governor; Cary seemingly returning to Lockhart/Gardner; and Jackie lying in a hospital bed.

Get a look at upcoming footage now and mark your calendar: The Good Wife returns on April 15 and runs straight through to the April 29 finale.

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I think that the writers think that they are developing an Alicia who is nuanced about her relationship to Peter and to the fact that he is a "powerful" man. But, it seems that it weakens her character. He is nice and cooperative when he wants/needs soemthing. And, it seems that even though he told his mother not to buy the house she did and now he wants her to come and see it. He must know how painful that is for her. And, if it is a ploy to get her to go back to him then that is the ultimate manipulation. Her strength was greatest when she was working hard, taking care of her kids and exploring a relationship with someone who is more fun, funny and devoted to her in spite of the privacy that she insists on, etc. I think the writers need to move back in that direction and away from her being the politician's wife. That did not do her much good before and won't again.


I agree with @Fou. "if they bring a P/A line they need to change the title into the dumb wife." She was left with 2 kids, no income and a crazy mother in law who was blaming her for all. She was left to face humiliation and now she's going back to him? No way.


Coming clean means telling the truth. Peter didn't tell Alicia he slept with Kalinda, did he? So what he did can be called coming clean. He's not the victim here, let's not forget that.


I totally agree with "thatgirlp" - why, why why would Alicia stand by her man...again? He publicly humiliated her and it should be common knowledge that they're separated, so voters will see that this is all a charade. This doesn't make sense. Don't do it, Alicia!


Peter's mom told Alicia "I forgive you". Then she smirked.


What did Peter's mom say to Alicia from her hospital bed? Storms here ans cable keeps cutting out. Thanks!


Can't wait for season 4 we have seen the last of the Will/ALicia team that died when she openned her eyes about her shame and deceit towards her family that would destroy her. There will be a hot new number coming soon that will kool things down fast, and yes Peter will be on the forfront but not as a what people think but a very sincere person who gets hurt and turns the whole family around where they all move on.
As for L&G they go down the tubes and Will and Dianne drift into disbarment.


Love the show -- have since day one. I agree about the schedule. I was disappointed with its move to Sundays primarily because of delays due to sports. I hope to see more of Alicia and Will. I truly believe they are in love and her love for Peter is only because he is the father of her children -- not a good enough reason. Overall, this is the best show on television hands down. I look forward to Season 4.


OMG...for Alicia to go back to that sleazy azz cheating Peter would indeed be a giant step backwards! Will is ten times better man than selfish azz! I have no desire to watch this show if the TGW writers put them back together in a "sham" of a marriage just for his run at governor! It was bad enough the last time knowing her heart was not in it, for his last election. Alica started this season off so strong, sexy and independent and NOW she is just she is allowing herself to be used AGAIN as a ploy to get that asshole elected...AGAIN!


I too am to old for a W/A show but a P/A would make a lot more sense no matter what happened, don't forget right or wrong she pulled the same while still married (separated is a cop-out). Marriages can be saved which I can atest to, and you can turn back time on spilled water. Usually a marriage ends when one or both have crossed the line because of one thing (SEX) THINK ABOUT IT.

Good Wife Quotes

Alicia: We need to leave this week.
Cary: Are you sure?
Alicia: Yes.

It's hard to be on this side.