The Mentalist Review: Rising From The Ashes

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If Patrick Jane spent most of the last episode of The Mentalist searching for the bad kids in high school, he spent most of his time in "Ruby Slippers" chasing down one very unique witness.

One thing about Glenda's story sounded off to me from the beginning. It was the fact that she said the missing heel was hers. Once she claimed she was wearing that bright blue, sequined gown in the alley, I was perplexed as to why she'd have ruby red shoes on. Glenda had better style than that and I simply couldn't get that out of my head.

Jane Investigates At a Cabaret

But even with that thought, the ending still surprised me. I never expected Archie to still be alive. They had a charred body and matching dental records for goodness sake. Who would think it wasn't him?

Having Glenda work at a funeral home and a dentist on hand tied it all together in a way that enable the far-fetched twist to make sense. 

The singing of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" at the conclusion was a little over the top, though. Still, it allowed for a much more hopeful ending than I'd expected and I'm thankful because Lisbon was right, believing that Archie cuffed himself to a car and set himself on fire was entirely too gruesome and depressing a thought.

On a side note, did anyone else notice how jumpy Jane was in the alley in the beginning? Although it wasn't all that long ago that he ended up almost drowned when he went poking around by himself at a crime scene. Perhaps he's learned that asking Lisbon to cover him isn't such a bad idea.

I enjoyed this episode because everyone played their parts so well. Jane's interactions with the drag queens was perfect. Having grown up as a carnie, it made sense that Jane would be the most comfortable and accepting. 

Even Rigsby grew more comfortable as time went on and watching Glenda at CBI I couldn't help but think that she had better legs than most females that I know.

Speaking of Rigsby, I liked his quiet disgust when dealing with Rick. You could tell he just wanted to slap the guy at certain points in their conversation. His level of disgust was matched by Jane's feelings towards the father and his aggressive education techniques and Cho making sure the cuffs hurt as he arrested sleazy Gabriel.

And if Cho and Summer couldn't already be more adorable, they had to add puppies to the mix. Puppies! Loved it when Summer, in this The Mentalist quote, tried to convince Cho they needed Pug pup.

He's like you Kimball. He's all fierce on the outside and like a softy on the inside and he's got this squishy little face. | permalink

How could he resist that pitch?

But after all of the fun of having so many suspects that Lisbon thought they'd need to convert the janitor's closet into a holding area, I was thoroughly disappointed with one thing: How could they force Lisbon on stage during a drag performance and not show us what happened?!? Then they had Jane make a quip about flexibility and left it all to our meager imaginations. That was simply cruel.

With only three more episode left, what are you hoping to see before the season runs out?


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Great review... I'm glad they sang Somewhere Over the Rainbow at the end of the show. Like most other people in the world I've heard that song a thousand times (even performed it,) but for some reason this time it felt like the first time. I've always felt that song was just a childish 'the grass is greener elsewhere' sort of song, like the Little Mermaid in her underwater kingdom, but in the perspective of this episode it really opened up to me the idea that to lots of people color really is something they've only heard about in a lullaby while the majority of their world is gray. I think this episode testifies to people who feel like that--or who are treated like that--that there really is greener grass out there. :)


I want the storylines with Cho and Summer, and Rigsby and his girlfriend and baby, to be more prominent. Summer is the best thing that's ever happened to Cho.


Pensieve: I'm very sorry that this show wasn't chock full of straight white characters. How dare tv shows attempt to depict the diversity that exists in the real world. If you're that homophobic that you stop watching a show because it has a gay guest character, you should just stop watching tv. The best writers allow their shows to introduce people from all walks of life; a great by-product of that activity is that people that have a somewhat sheltered existence are able to understand the plights of people that are different from them. Gay people make up about ten percent of the population. Get used to it. Or go watch Dukes of Hazzard reruns.


This episode was absolutely incredible- on so many levels. It made me cry because I have known so many people who have experienced what Archie did, and clearly it is a reactionary story inspired by the recent rash of teen suicides. I did not see it as contrived at all- in fact, even as someone who is LGBT rights inclined I did not realize that the plot was going to deal so directly with the issue until about half way through the episode. The part that also particularly moved me was the OZ imagery. The ruby slippers, Glinda, and the Fifi Nix musical act were the more obvious references- another was the bookstore called "The Land of Ev" which is another mythic land that lies across the dessert from OZ and is introduced in Ozma of Oz- the third book in the Oz series. Dorothy Gale was named for L Frank Baum's niece, who died as a child. The layers of imagery in the episode are phenomenal. Oz is a land to escape into, a beautiful dream of a place where we would like to think those that die to young can find.


The writers have posted a work board of all episodes of season 4 and the last few ones reveal that Jane will truly have a breakdown (as per "loses his shit"), slap Lisbon, carry a holstered gun, lose the vest and run to Vegas where he meets a cocktail waitress (Lorelei), so we have the last two episodes, written by tom and Bruno to get our blood pounding.


My family has watched this show from when it first came on the air, despite the fact that I've always thought Simon Baker is pretty lame. But we're done now, thanks to this episode, because when we watch detective or cop shows, we don't want political or social polemics. Good shows need neither. We blew off In Plain Sight for the same reason after years of viewing. So far, Burn Notice -which is really good - and Person of Interest and a few others we like haven't felt this need to jam social issues up their viewers' noses, and it's probably because they are simply better shows with better writers. We'll stick with them.


This site's editor asks what we expect from the final episodes of this season. It certainly should be dramatic, given that the teasers say Jane will hit rock bottom from another defeat at Red John's hands. So what could cause him to hit rock bottom? Has to be really big. Red John will have to kill someone after letting Jane know he intends to do it and "catch me if you can." Jane fails. So who would be murdered such that it would cause Jane to hit rock bottom? Someone close enough for Jane's emotional investment, but not too close. Here's where Riggsby's ex girlfriend and their baby come in. That has been an odd interference with the overall plot. Where could they go with that? So the girlfriend and baby are killed. It's Jane's trauma all over again, magnified by his, again, failing to save them. Yeah, that definitely would cause him to hit rock bottom. The love interest and shooting someone would be emotional fallout from the breakdown. Just speculating.


this episode deserved a GLAAD award and an emmy nomination!


Great episode! Was I the shhe only one who thought Jane inviting Lisbon to the drag show was sweet? I was expecting a moment between these two and was a little disappointed at the end.


sorry, suppose to be disgust at the 3 suspects.

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