The Secret Circle Season Finale Spoiler: Who Will Die?

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A major Secret Circle reveal was disclosed on last week's episode of this CW drama.

But the identity of the second Blackwell offspring is nothing compared to the tease executive producer Andrew Miller has offered regarding the May 10 season finale.

"There's for sure one death and maybe more," Miller told TV Guide "The deaths will weigh incredibly heavily. The fate that befalls another character will weigh almost equally heavy in terms of the fans."

How... intriguing.

Get your spoiler scoop on now in TV Guide's full Mega Buzz column and then sound off: Who do you think will die on the Secret Circle season finale?

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Didn't they say Nick was coming back? Does anyone know when that is supposed to happen?


@Jarrod Mitchell I have confidence it'll be renewed. That said, really looking forward to this season finale! But at the same time scared as to who will die. The show has become so good, I have my fingers crossed for a 2nd season.


It's probably one of the adults and they will revive one of the circle members with Magic(Melissa or Adam possibly!)


*series finale.
I'm convinced that this show is as good as gone like Ringer. Hart of Dixie (and hopefully Gossip Girl) will be following.

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