The Secret Life of the American Teenager Review: Dinner and Drama

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For years I've poked fun at The Secret Life of the American Teenager for what I found to be a cheesy, fake portrayal of high school. I have to say, in "They Gotta Eat", I finally felt like there an aspect that just felt like regular old high school.

My feelings are probably in large part to the fact that tonight's episode was about mean girls and backstabbing. If you wanna understand high school and teenage girls... well good luck.

Despite the lame cover excuses, it's pretty much on par for kids to make up a cover story when they are fighting with their friends. Nobody wants to tell their parents the real reason because usually it's semi-embarrassing or something you just plain don't wanna talk about with your parental units.

Case in point: Madison sleeping with Lauren's boyfriend.

They Gotta Eat Scene

I was surprised that Madison was able to identify her insecurities and reasons for what she did so quickly and easily to her father. Most people would take quite a lot of therapy to get that insightful at 17 years old as to why they bedded their best friend's boyfriend.

I've been really harsh toward Madison in recent weeks and I still think that what she did is borderline unforgivable, but I'm starting to feel somewhat sorry for her.

She needs someone to talk to and NOT Lauren's father. Is he seriously the only therapist in town? Also there's just zero chance that my dad and my two best friends' fathers from high school would ever have organized a dinner when we were fighting. Maybe the moms would talk it out on the phone when we were younger, but by 17 forget about it.

George was back and in full force tonight with lots of one liners. Normally he's a favorite of mine, but he was a tad harsh on Amy tonight. I don't think Amy is acting high and mighty just because she got knocked up at 15 and it ended up working out for her.

I think she is appalled at what her best friend did and since she was forced to grow up a little faster than the average teenager, she's cutting the bullcrap and being honest about what she thinks. But that's just me, I'm big on loyalty. This was a clear case of right and wrong.

Everyone makes mistakes, I'm sure they will figure it out. Right now I'm over discussing that trio. I'm glad Leo stepped up and spoke to Dylan's parents to clear the air that his son is not a drug addict man-slut, but rather a kid who falls in love a little too easily. It was surprising how judgmental Ricky was to Ben about smoking a little weed when he's slept with more people than Mick Jagger by the age of 18. Cut Ben some slack!

I'm totally stunned about Grace's father and can't wait for this storyline to unfold. Next week is shaping up to be a doozy. Don't forget to check out the best Secret Life quotes from tonight and hit the comments!


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@Lucy But I agree with you, I was too harsh. Ricky had to change (which you're right is odd for this show!) to be worthy of Amy's forgiveness. Madison is the same and isn't making much of an effort besides begging.


@Lucy I know. I am not insulting Ricky. What I'm saying is that Madison didn't cheat on Amy, it had nothing to do with her directly. I am saying that if she (Amy) will hate a woman that cheats with someone (and will refuse to forgive her) then she should do the same to a man. I get that Madison betrayed one of her friends, and Amy took her side. But Ricky has most certainly cheated with a taken girl in the past, and if she forgive him for his actions that had nothing to do with her, then Amy can forgive a girl that cheats with a guy that also has nothing to do with her. Why did they even get Amy involved? Wow, nothing better for her to do.


I do not understand how Amy got involved with whats between Lauren and Madison, this has nothing to do with her!
the thing about Grace's dad is so random, and they need to cut that storyline. I'm sick of Ben falling in love with every girl he comes in contact with and automatically think he's going to marry them. him and dylan have absolutely no chemistry at all. I mean, the first date he had with Amy he told her he was in love with her and wanted to marry her it was ridiculous. This show is so unrealistic it really bugs me. I just need to know if Amy got pregnant again! chances are its a pregnancy scare.


This show is beyond dumb.
1. Were there any ever hints to Grace's dad's cheating? Any foreshadowing? No. This is a stupid storyline that came out of no where and was obviously NOT planned in the first few seasons. Plus what is with Grace's mom. Is she a motel manager? Housing her daughter's "interest", and now the product of the affair her dead husband has? She should claim no responsibility. If "Jacob" wants to meet his siblings he can come for a few days, he doesn't have to live there. Fail plot to get another student in the high school and for more angsty Grace attitude (as if there wasn't enough).
2. Why is Amy involved? Ricky has probably cheated on girls a bajillion times, and she has forgiven him. And not defending Madison here, what she did was just gross, but it wasn't really Amy's place to get involved at all.
3. Loved Leo explaining Ben's storyline since S1. Too hilarious, and this show is realistic how?

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