The Vampire Diaries Description: "Before Sunset"

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A new enemy is on the horizon. A candid conversation will soon take place between brothers. A former couple will take on a frightening risk.

And it will all go down on "Before Sunset," the penultimate Vampire Diaries episode of season three. It will air on May 3, one week after events from "Do Not Go Gentle." What, exactly, can fans expect leading up to the May 10 finale?

Read the official CW synopsis below.

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Klaus acts on his intentions to leave town with Elena, but finds resistance from a surprising new enemy. Bonnie calls on Abby to help her with a difficult spell.

As events spiral out of control, Elena is determined to protect Caroline, Damon and Stefan enlist Tyler’s help, while Bonnie and Jeremy take a terrifying risk to make sure her spell is effective. Damon and Stefan have a surprisingly candid conversation about the future

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David and sabrina 2014

The season finale will turn out to end big and so will the episode berfore it. I can't to see what happens. =0


I have this theory about the season finale!! i really think alaric is going to turn into a vampire, just based on what matt davis was saying at the chicago convention i went to over the weekend!! & i also think like last season when stefan gave himself to klause to protect elena & damon, i have a feeling that Caroline will do something similar. I feel like she is going to give herself to klaus if hell leave elena alone & leave mystic falls with her. I may be crazy but thats just my prediction!!


Enough with Caroline and Klaus!
That pairing is SO wrong!! HE is EVIL. He is not going pull a Damon people!
Doesn't Caroline deserve better than that! What about Bonnie's dream with Klaus in the coffin? What if they can't kill him so they find a way to put him to sleep or something in the coffin? Don't like Esther...for the simple fact that she wants to kill Elijah!
Forget the Salvatores off with Elijah for the summer!


I think the surprising new enemy is Rebekah. Or maybe Kol. Who else would be at all surprising?
There is recent buzz that there is a death in the finale that is a big shocker. What would really shock the viewers? I mean...we kind of know that anyone is up for grabs. The only thing that could possibly shock is one of the Salvatore brothers, or Elena. I heard a lot of people theorize that Damon dies (but if true they would probably find a way to bring him back).
I think that Elena needs to realize she comes between these two brothers and do the right thing.
Would Bonnie be shocking? Or Caroline (I would be very sad)?
They have confirmed it's not Tyler or Jeremy. Alaric? That wouldn't be too surprising.
Or....maybe the cast and producers just like to hype things up and when it happens we are all like 'really? that wasn't that shocking'.
Guess we'll see!


I'm wondering why would Tyler not helping saving Caroline on his own way. Don't tell me that Caroline and Tyler will break up again ?!!! Just because of Baby Klaus! C'mon! I'm so tired of this guy! I just want Elijah back!


i really won't be surprised if no one ends up with elena. she can't make her mind up on who she loves more. hopefully, caroline and and tyler will be together again.


I think that they will each sacrifice their love for the other person, meaning Damon will give Stefan his blessing and vice versa and then none of them end up having her. She doesn't want to be a vampire and unless they find a way to make her immortal, (which giving the writers history of creating devices to speed the story along, could happen)then the only thing for either of them to do is to compel her to to forget them and move on with Matt or someone else. I see they still using Bonnie with her massive array of spells. Color me shocked. When WILL they learn to not rely on magic as a crutch. There is more magic used in THIS show (about VAMPIRES) then in the original show The Secret Circle.


Stefan and Damon talk: Since they fight over elena so much and it is driving a stake between their brothership, they will decide that they will both leave her alone and not go after her or be interested anymore.
what else could it possibly be about? PS. Can Damon and Elena finally be a couple? Even if for a few episodes? That is like the only thing they haven't done, and its driving us all nuts.


@ nawty~angel
i think caroline is in danger because although katherine killed her it was damons blood that turned into a vampire, which means she's linked to which ever original turned rose, katherine, stefan and damon!


why is Caroline in Danger?

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