The Vampire Diaries Picture Preview: "Before Sunset"

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Next Thursday night, The Vampire Diaries will go dancing. Decade dancing that is, as the latest Mystic Falls gathering takes students back to the 1920s.

The following week? On an installment titled "Before Sunset?"

SPOILER ALERT: Klaus will come across resistance in his attempt to leave town with Elena in tow, while Bonnie will apparently be in some trouble. Due to Damon?

That's what the following episode photos appear to reveal. Click through the recently-released set of TVD pics now and try to get an idea of what's to come:

Grabbing Hold of Bonnie
Take Cover, Bonnie!
Don't Make Stefan Angry!
Greeting Klaus
Staring at Klaus
Klaus at the Door
Jeremy at Home

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David and sabrina 2014

It looks like things can mess up with these pictures explaining the problem with Damon and Bonnie involving Klaus around. I want him to get lost already cause he messes thintgs up all the time now that Esther is the problem too. X|


OMFG - IS THAT SOME BAMON AND STEFONNIE I SEE?!! Way to go writers, totally fangirling right now!! this show, just so exciting!


*Swoon* Stefan mmm
Bonnie looks nice in the pics

Leon alexis

She is drunk,so you can do whatever you want,but remember I II be watching it.

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