The Vampire Diaries Poster: A Future Blooms

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After viewing the latest May Sweeps poster - first published by E! News - for The Vampire Diaries, fans will be asking one simple question:


That's because the promotional material features a gorgeous shot of Nina Dobrev, set against a partially red rose and the three words: A Future Blooms. Vote now on whether you hope that future is with Damon or Stefan.

Elena Gilbert Poster

The Vampire Diaries spoilers regarding the season finale have revealed that it will focus heavily on Elena, flashing back to both Aunt Jenna and the character's car accident with her parents.

Julie Plec is also on record with a very clear statement: Elena WILL make a choice between brothers on the episode titled "The Departed." It airs May 10.

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she choosed stefan instade of damon but it was clear to every one that she want them both!! stefan for the past but i think damon should be for her future damon loves her the most every one can see his love sometimes i feel like she doesnt even care!! he deserve bettre than that..


i honestly like both Damon and Stephen. I feel like at this point Damon would be better for her. like Rose said Damon brings all of this new and better stuff into her life. After that kiss you can definitely see there is indeed a lot of passion and lust there is no denying that. I think Damon has grown a lot as a character and I hope Elena can see that. but Stephen and Elena are still cute together and have that chemistry...tough call but Damon would be the best option for her right now giving her that new sense of adventure and passion. And before either one of the brothers was turned I think Damon was the better one of the two and not as bad Stephen appeared to be. Idk tough call!

David and sabrina 2014

I can't wait to see what'll happen in the season finale. Besides looking at the cool flashback, the spoilers reveal that Elena will finally pick who she wants. Hopefully it's Stefan or the love story is game over. I hope with all my faith that she will choose Stefan and have the Stelena fans rise again. Delena fans have got to go with their craziness. =]


It's amazing how we finally have a choice being made by the main character between the two men in their lives in both CW's most popular shows. And they both take place at their respective season finales!CHUCKANDBLAIR,DAMONANDELENA


Borednowcanleavenow, every post you make is just so contradicting. Who are you to call people out on being disrespectful when your name is barely mature? Not only that, but you insist on attacking borednow for being a buzz kill, when in reality his posts are not even directed to you or anyone else, until you provoke him to replying by throwing out childish insults. Take note at how he seldom ever calls anyone an idiot, stupid, or the other terms you use in your outbursts. It's clear you take the show so serious enough to go out of line on a hater instead of just ignoring him. That is my problem with you, you're being hypocritical. This is not a "roses and rainbows" fansite, clearly that is what I meant. This site is to discuss to show, and in discussions, you have to expect annoying critics, so get over it.


All I kno is all the Stefan/Elena crap is make me vomit. Those two are sooooooo typical and placid. It's painful and I kno DE won't happen until Elena 'matures' blah blah, so until it starts becoming an 'even' fight I'm out. Caroline can't save this show on her own but SE can drive it to its grave


oh sorry but i think tvFANATIC IS a fansite. and it's different when jumping in to a conversation to state an opinion respectfully or even to express your own feelings if you feel like someone on the site is being disrespectful to others, but you just jumped into this conversation like i was talking to and offending YOU but i wasn't.


Cont.....way to save Stefan from the underworld) so, kill the originals and welcome the kitsune? Or am I the only one?


Oh, am I the only one who can't decide what's best for Elena? When she's with Damon, it's perfect. When she's with Stefan, it's perfect. If she chooses Stefan, it would be a bit boring and you know how their relationship would be, but if she chooses Damon, it would be something new, but poor Stefan! And poor Damon if she chooses Stefan.
I hope now, is the time where the producers follow the books a bit and make Stefan be captured by some foxlike demons and make Elena and Damon more closer on their way to save Stefan from the underworld. You can definitely see some resemblance from the book: When Stefan was away with Klaus, Damon and Elena grew a lot closer, while on their mission to find him. (Stefan being lured by a kitsune, and trapped in the underworld).
And they've been on a motel together and they kissed a big, and I mean a BIG kiss (they did the same thing, only Elena could communicate with Damon also, because she was some sort of an angel, but they kissed, this on their way to save Stefan), so kill the originals and welcome the kitsune? Or am I the only one who thinks so?


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You want a love that consumes you. You want passion and adventure, and even a little danger... I want you to get everything you're looking for. But for right now, I want you to forget that this happened. Can't have people knowing I'm in town yet. Goodnight, Elena.


When 9 Russians tell you you're drunk, you lie down.

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