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My Favorite scenes were the ones with Stefan/Alaric/Klaus and the the whole drama of getting Alaric to turn bad and the scene where Alaric was killed by Klaus and Stefan finally accepting his Ripper side was beautiful. Also loved Stefan being able to control his bloodlust after beating up Alaric PERFECTION! Plus Loved when Kol was beating the Crap out of Damon Perfection!
I Love the Forwood kiss better cause you know it was cause they really LOVE each other and have fought huge obstacles to be together. DElena kiss is all about LUST their is NO LOVE between them and it will end up badly for them any ways so what is the point?
Rose was Pointless too and we never found out what bloodline they are from anyways her convo. w/Jeremy was so what we already know so who cares at this point?
Matt shouldn't be with Rebecca but they make cute friends together. I think Rebecca could hurt him anyways she likes it rough!



Can i just tell you how much i love you for just referencing boy meets world!! AMAZING! lol


elena is in the same position here as Corey Mathews was in Boy Meets World. Topanga told him to go out with Lauren "the ski lodge girl" to see if he had feelings for her. but the fact that he listened and actually had to test his feelings upset Topanga even more. Stefan pulled the same move as Topanga and Elena fell for the trap.


1. The Esther scene at the end. It was amazing. But in the back of my mind I couldn't help but think that its too easy that she would just die. Seemed very weird.

2. DELENA. There shouldn't be a question. The heat was very palpable.

3. C for contrived. You know when writers run out of new ways to develop the story, they bring dead characters back.

4. Esther.

5. Esther would never let it happen. So it doesn't matter.


so this is like the weirdest thing ever but when esther died i thought she took away the vampire in rebekah and gave her her witch powers :/


My favorite scene was the DE kiss because it was very unexpected, I didn't think anything was gonna happen with DE until the finale. Yes, Elena is annoying as hell but the kiss was very hot. But then as usual, she went into the I don't know phase and we are back into the monotonous triangle thus guaranteeing TVD's track record of no progression in the storyline.
Hottest kiss has to go to DE because we already seen Forwood get passionate and sexy. DE kiss was a surprise and it had a lot of heat I didn't even think Elena was capable of generating.
I liked seeing Rose again so I give her return a B. She was a great character who knew what she wanted from Damon and took it without dissolving into neediness. I wasn't surprised that she would be on Damon's side but she didn't need to give a speech to Jeremy.
Caroline having Klaus drawing was a surprise because she had no qualms about killing him and I was sure she wouldn't keep anything because she never showed any interest in him.
Matt should definately hook up with Rebecca. I think I gave up on having him die so give him someone to love because his life is pretty miserable. He gets hurt, dragged into killing vampires because he is loyal to his friends, be the only one who has to work to keep a roof over his head and have no health insurance to boot.


1. I'm a sucker for the sentimental stuff, so there were a lot of scenes I loved(e.g FW reunion, Rose-Jeremy convo, Rebekah-Matt convo). Also enjoyed barbie vamps little spat, Esther-Rebekah reveal, Delena make-out, everything with Kol(love him).

2. Delena, we've seen these hot FW scenes like a hundred times over(these to are sex/make-out addicts). I enjoyed the DE kiss more because I never Elena watch such a perv :) and would actually make the first move...Ian beng in it helps :)

3. I said, love the sentimental stuff, also seems to be the only person who enjoyed ghost world.

4.Esther-Rebekah reveal, for some reason, I kept thinking Esther may have seen the light and transfer her power to Rebekah somehow, and then Rebekah would kill Klaus(because that's my wish, for Rebekah to drive the stake through Klaus' heart)

5. No, Rebekah's just to good for him...Matt makes watching paint dry look interesting


Jeremy wasn't compelled to forget most everything in MF. He was compelled to leave everything behind and choose a peaceful, normal life.


- I got chills when Forwood met up! Candice is so amazing! She gave it spirit!
2.Hotter Kiss
- Forwood for sure! Delena is to skinny for my taste!
- I


1. for my own surprise the scene before the kiss. The tension was build up unbearable intense. And i really was shocked the way she looked at him. Their was a deep hunger in her eyes like she would such ever millimeter of his skin with her eyes. And their talk. Just perfect. The way he touched her hand and she became really hypervantilating. More then perfect. I saw a lot of kisses in the past. But this was simple perfect.
2. Damon and Elena. No words for that. I like Forwood. But they aren`t epic.
3.I liked Rose. Put what she told Jeremy is exactly what i know. So "C". Was good to see her again.
4. Don`t have an opinion on that
5. I feel just sorry for Rebekka. Hope she will come back and get Matt out of his shoes..

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