The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Scoop: New Villain Ahead!

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We aren't yet done with season three - check out photos of Mystic Falls residents roaring back to the 1920s now, along with the official synopsis for "Before Sunset" - but Vampire Diaries producer Julie Plec is already looking ahead to season four.

At last night's Warner Bros. TV's "Television: Outside the Box" event at the Paley Center in Los Angeles, Plec said she and her writing team have been focusing on 2012-2013 for about two weeks and...

"We've got a lot going on, a lot of really amazing character moves, great romance, a new mystery, a new villain and I'm really excited about it."

TVD Core Four

Plec added that the "challenge" ahead of the staff is to find a villain even scarier than Klaus, although she would not reveal to The Hollywood Reporter whether or not Klaus will actually be around to meet this newcomer.

What can viewers expect to close out season three?

A lot of "wooden stake shenanigans," Plec teased, as well as a resolution to a certain love triangle, as the finale will address "the ultimate question of Elena's choice" between Stefan and Damon.

We might as well ask in that case: Which Salvatore should Elena choose?

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I LOVE this show!
I can`t wait for season 4!!! :-)


@Anastasia Well about Tyler who acted like he was dieing in front of Caroline ....well Tyler was Nicklaus ,Bonnie just did a return spell so "The vampire hunter Ric " did not killed Klaus ... Well we will see in season 4 what happened ^^ till then we can just wait


I want Damon and Elena together so badly, even though he acts all tough he cares so much for her that he is willing to let her go if thats what makes her happy, while Stefan is just way too nice. If he really loved her he would save her life even if that meant she would hate him for the rest of her life. I love this show so much! I wonder why Tyler acted like he was dying in front of Caroline.


OMG!! youre right the endings lyk shell have to choose again since shell come to know that she met damon first.i hope she completes the transition.i cant wait for season4 .


*Spoiler for everyone who has not seen the final episode form season 3* I'm so exited! Now that she's a vampire, Elena will remember that she saw Damon first. And! that Damon told her he loved her, and that he wasn't good enough for her. (when he brought back her neckless)Can't wait for season 4!!!!


hope elena choose damon.!!great season excited for season 4.


I have to agree its so much better than twilight. ... I so loved to ending if season 3 I can't wait to see more.... Does anyone know wen that is..


please pick deman the season finale was so good i dnt know how to explain it way way way way better that twilight, even thought its sored of based around twilight. i am a huge twilight freak. and i say this is way wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than twilight plz let elena pick damon, he needs some1 to be his forever, and he only see's elena. plz let elena remember, that she saw damon first.


i think that stefan should get elena ... Damon should get caroline ... I mean damon has her in REAL life so stefan should have her in REEL life ... But overall am a big big big fan of the show love damon and stefan ... !!


Let steffan have elena atleast he somehow feels even when he's gone rogue

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