The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Scoop: New Villain Ahead!

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We aren't yet done with season three - check out photos of Mystic Falls residents roaring back to the 1920s now, along with the official synopsis for "Before Sunset" - but Vampire Diaries producer Julie Plec is already looking ahead to season four.

At last night's Warner Bros. TV's "Television: Outside the Box" event at the Paley Center in Los Angeles, Plec said she and her writing team have been focusing on 2012-2013 for about two weeks and...

"We've got a lot going on, a lot of really amazing character moves, great romance, a new mystery, a new villain and I'm really excited about it."

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Plec added that the "challenge" ahead of the staff is to find a villain even scarier than Klaus, although she would not reveal to The Hollywood Reporter whether or not Klaus will actually be around to meet this newcomer.

What can viewers expect to close out season three?

A lot of "wooden stake shenanigans," Plec teased, as well as a resolution to a certain love triangle, as the finale will address "the ultimate question of Elena's choice" between Stefan and Damon.

We might as well ask in that case: Which Salvatore should Elena choose?

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Please the next villain has to be a woman!! I'D LOVE to See some GIRL POWER!!!


I think Elena should go for Damon I mean come on hes hot if you type in vampire diaries pics Damon your find one that says HOT!!!!! And in the pics around it hes shirtless and for the villian a girl thats young short and looks inocent perfect villian P.s. Id you havent had auditions I wood love ro apile


I think damon and for the villain I think it needs to be a young girl my mom once said that inoccence is scaryer so if you havent held the auditions heres an idea p.s. I wood love to audition


This show is like a parade of really hot guys with some plot that noone really gives a shit about. Some I´m looking foward to the new guy. He better be really hot! Becose Klaus´ll propably die. Why else another villan? He better die - I mean, I´ll miss His Hotness greatly but I could not bear if even his balls ended up in Elenas´ purse. It´s overcrowded there as it is.
As for the choice between brothers - dump Elena and get together! That would be heaven. And check out the game of thrones - INcest is IN!
Yeah. The show would just be a lot better with no Elena around. She could like die saving Damons life or something... Which would prove she did love him. Which she does. But he is way too cute for one girl. Except if it were me. :)


why elija isn't an option??? he is way cooler than damon and stefan, and if elena wants to stay with a vampire then it should be an original one


Repeat of what Arcane-Weirdo said. Elena needs some other story line to develop her character, besides "the triangle" and someone trying to kill her every episode. I love how Buffy S7 ended with her single and empowered. That said, I love this show and can she please pick Damon at least for a little bit? Even if its just to explore her feelings or whatever. They can't keep teasing it like they have then not go there.


Don't make Elena choose. She should take the Sookie route and choose HERSELF. People that say the choice is the point of the series should take a look at Buffy. Buffy had(still has, actually) 2 major love interests, she hasn't chosen someone yet, but that doesn't mean she didn't develop as a character. My point is, give Elena some storylines that don't revolve around other characters, but herself.


As for the new guess either they are bringing in Tatia or the books' kitsunes (which I hope is not true cos I don't these last great characters of the books to be ruined). As for Elena, looking at that poll - of coarse 63% of some whiny delena fans would say that. Even shipping stelena myself, I say neither! The girl needs to take some time sorting out her feelings and only from there on her relationships with both can evolve, it definitively can not stay they way it is. Btw, the brothers need some bonding time too so yeah - Elena's choice -neither!. Go team Salvatore bros!


can't think of her choosing neither if it's the ultimate decision! there will be someone she's choosing.. the show started with this triangle as a main part and now they let her choose neither of the two? doesn't sound logic to me.. but there have been a lot of shows that have been ruined by the writers so well let's see what happens


Klaus can't die! I will so miss his english accent As for Elena she just has to chose DAMON or i'll go insane :D

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