The Vampire Diaries Season Finale Pic: Diving Dobrev!

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How did Elena survive the car accident that took the lives of her parents on The Vampire Diaries?

We know that Stefan came to his future girlfriend's rescue, and now we may have an idea of exactly how he saved Elena from drowning: by providing her with Scuba equipment.

Maybe? Possibly? The CW has released the following photo from "The Departed," which depicts Elena underwater, but also shows another diver in the background. It seems hard to believe this is the scene of the fatal crash, although it has been confirmed we'll flashback to that event on the finale.

Elena Underwater

Why else would Elena be geared up underwater? Is this some kind of dream sequence?

TVD fans will need to wait until May 10 for the actual answer, but they can drop in to the Comments section below or visit our Vampire Diaries forum now to theorize away!

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I can't wait for Stelena ღღ

David and sabrina 2014

It all comes down to the season finale and the flashback. This major event will show the accident and scuba diving time all leading to Stefan saving her life. I wonder who was the person underwater with her? It better not be Damon or someone else who is a problem up to this season. =]


Considering this is a public site, the fact that BoredNow is expressing his opinion as negative it may be about the show, really shouldn't effect people to the point of attacking him. In fact it's gotten so out of hand that if you look at the posts, there more about his statements and reactions to his statements rather then the photo posted. TVD's writers are bringing as much as they can into this finale, I'm hoping for a good one. for all those obsessed with the opinions of another, this is the wrong forum to be on. The site is based on opinion. Talk about the content of the shows you like and may not like. Find someone to debate with about their content , back up your statements if you truly disagree with someone, but leave the attacking off the site, it only promotes bullying and other negative messaging. There's no need to name call someone b/c you disagree with them.


the site is called TV Fanatic but clearly when you go to any webpage, the "comments" section will always be opinionated because there's no such thing as every fan being satisfied. And like I said recently, the owners of this place are just as critical and opinionated if you read their reviews and articles. So no, it's not just one or 4 people killing all the fun. I mean, if Bored Now should shut up then so should the staff. They've even rated a lot of episodes very lowly and vented about how terrible some were. So really, the site is not entirely for praising all the shows.


I do agree with free opinion, "BUT" the title of this site IS, TV Fanatic...
Which would lead me to believe the this is a site designed for "FAN'S" to follow updates on their favorite show's.
At least that is why I am here. Now, I would imagine that there are sites that are designed for personal opinions, and yes, followed up by reasonable arguments. Sites like "rotten tomatoes". Now, please don't mistake my point here, I am NOT choosing sides here, and I do enjoy a good debate, it challenges our intellect and opens our eyes to a larger point of view. The world needs debates... However, I just don't believe that is what this site is for... But I am new here so I could be wrong. If I am wrong, then I would like to apologize now, because sense I do not believe this site was meant for this, I will not be commenting any further on this topic.


I'd say their looking for more "White Oak". Considering that their is only one stake left, and the Evil Vampire Slayer has it...
When the car smashed and went over the side of the bridge, it would have knocked plenty of debris make of white oak into the water... So there should be more then a few Original Killing stakes at the bottom of the river. ( I do apologize if a form of this thought was already posted. I did start to read the previous comments, but they were mostly so far off topic, that I lost any interest in reading them.)


oh trust me, the gossip girl comments here are far much worse. I don't even post in those. lmfao


@shannon lol that was hilarious!!! alright everyone how about this lets just agree to disagree:) woooohoooooo!!


wow, these comments have more catty arguments than a gossip girl epsode...


besides if you really disagree with him, argue, say why you'd think she isn't. Don't attack the guy, (sorry) makes you look very pathetic.

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