The Vampire Diaries Season Finale Pic: Diving Dobrev!

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How did Elena survive the car accident that took the lives of her parents on The Vampire Diaries?

We know that Stefan came to his future girlfriend's rescue, and now we may have an idea of exactly how he saved Elena from drowning: by providing her with Scuba equipment.

Maybe? Possibly? The CW has released the following photo from "The Departed," which depicts Elena underwater, but also shows another diver in the background. It seems hard to believe this is the scene of the fatal crash, although it has been confirmed we'll flashback to that event on the finale.

Elena Underwater

Why else would Elena be geared up underwater? Is this some kind of dream sequence?

TVD fans will need to wait until May 10 for the actual answer, but they can drop in to the Comments section below or visit our Vampire Diaries forum now to theorize away!

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oh come on you people! borednow has every right to express himself stop hating on him. I am a huge TVD addict, and yes elena can be a bore sometimes. I mean she obviously is not on my top characters list. Besides this website is meant to have opinions whether bashing or loving... may i remind you it's meant for reviews and critics. The reviews themselves sometime bash pretty harshly, and i love it. If it were all fan "loving" comments i defiantly wouldn't be here, it would be just lame. there'd be no point to it!


Lol THIS to basically everything you two below just said


Leave bored now alone! He's actually funny jeez and he's right Elena is the worst actress on this show! Everyone else has something interesting happening in their lives except the star of the show how stupid is that??


Hahaha all this debate over BoredNow ignores the fact that his original post was SPOT ON when it comes to this picture. I've already voiced my opinions about his careless attitude when it comes to expressing his thoughts in a disrespectful manner once and that was enough for me. Everyone continuing to harp on a guy who obviously hasn't changed and likely will not is wasting their time because it feeds his ego. Albeit I do understand the need to vent like he himself does too often perhaps. Anyway.... off to Game of Thrones this Sunday.


Oh my gosh lol, I always think that too. Then I log on and see his reaction posts on the forum. Fucking hilarious


i'm not saying that some things he says aren't funny!! but actually what you just said about after every episode you think "i wonder what borednow thought about that?" thats hilarious!! ahaha


Elena, aka 'Shark Eyes', needs to work on expressing her feelings more instead of reacting to everything like a houseplant.


I love BoredNow leave him alone. He's hilarious, and after every show I'm always like, "Wonder what BoredNow thought of that?"


@borednow I've said many times i respect your opinion everyone has the right to voice they're opinions good or bad. I agree with some of the things you say however how you say them is a little off putting. I'm not trying to personally attack you but maybe there is a better way to go about voicing your opinions in a more appropriate and respectful matter. It doesn't matter if you come on here because you love or hate the show everyone should be respectful of other opinions but also say what you need to say without making people feel like your jumping down throats. I'm from canada and we settle things very easily maybe because we're too nice and let people walk all over us but right now i feel like im listening to a presidential campaign between mitt romney and whoever else is running, just a bunch of non sense! lol


Nina Went to Austrailia with Ian and went scuba diving. 10 bucks this pictures are from that trip.

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