The Vampire Diaries to Go Decade Dancing: Official Synopsis

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On April 19, The Vampire Diaries will return with a new episode and play a little baseball.

On April 26, meanwhile, our favorite Mystic Falls residents will drop the helmets and put on their Sunday best. Or Thursday best, as the case may be, for an installment based around a school 1920s Decade Dance.

Reaction from Damon

But... I bought you a corsage.

Indeed, The CW has released the official synopsis for "Do Not Go Gentle." Who will take whom to this event? Why might it turn deadly? And who will Damon team up with next? Read on. Find out.

Alaric finds an unexpected ally to guide him on his dangerous new path, while Damon and Meredith try to figure out what their next move should be. At the school’s 1920s Decade Dance, Bonnie asks Jamie to go with her and, at Caroline’s suggestion, Elena asks Stefan to be her date. Caroline is pleasantly surprised when Tyler shows up at the dance determined to sweep her off her feet, but Klaus does his best to come between them.

The dance takes a deadly turn when Damon and Stefan realize they need the help of Matt, Jeremy and especially Bonnie to undo a spell that could prove devastating for everyone.

Which aspect of this description as you most excited?

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Lmfao @ "Klaus doing his best to get between them" The Epic failure that is Klaus continues.....Damm you Julie plec,leave it to an Overweight emo goth wannabe to add "layers" to a halfassed villian and turn him into a pussy. Is anyone else wondering why Klaus dosent just go around punching the heads off of the people that do him wrong ? When are we ever gonna see scenes of him just dominating and being the monster he is supposed to be ? . . . Instead we get LATE NIGHT WITH KLAUS MICHELSON and his opening monologue.


And Katherine should play Elena and beat the hell out of barbi klaus - Rebekha. She is soooooooooooo anoying.


Claroline all the way!!!!!!!!! we need something fresh and new.


I just can't express how uninterested in this klaus-Caroline- Tyler thing ( I won't dignify a klausoline relationship by calling it a triangle) I am. I've waited 5 freaking months for some forwood and watching klaus one- up Tyler all night at a school dance hardly seems worth it. Also, since Caroline is surprised to see Tyler at the dance, I think it's safe to assume that he hasn't been able to break his sire bond to klaus( cause he can't come back to town till he's succeeded in transcorming painlessly ), which means a season 4 of Caroline slowly falling in love with Klaus under the guise of trying to gain Tyler's freedom- and that is something I won't be tuning into see.


Where the hell is Katherine, she was just getting interesting and I would love to see a scene where Rebekah mistakes Katherine for Elena and gets her arse kicked. You can just imagine Katherine enjoying herself pretending to be Elena. Maybe she could chop off Rebekah's hand. (I don't like Rebekah).


"The dance takes a deadly turn..." and why wouldn't it... Lol! You would think they stop going to these dances!


I agree with you! @bored now person you always rant about the same thing!!! Its annoying. The only thing boring about the vampire diaries is listening to you whine about it.


"The dance takes a deadly turn..." and why wouldn't it...


while i'm pretty sure that this episode will be AMAZING as always an it sound really really intereting...AS ALWAYS (it's a vampire diaries episode after all.every episode is fantastic ...ok maybe"1912" is the exception!) i find pretty pathetic from Elena to ask Stefan (but let me make clear that i still like Elena)!Come on girl ...although i'm a Delena i would advise you to put Stefan through the ringer for him to see what he is loosing!
But seriously what Elena really needs is to move on!I don't say that she must run right to Damon's arms but she have to experience the world with her own eyes...then she can run to Damon!


Can JP come up with anything better then triangles! The 1st Jealousy triangle, we have DES triangle, last season we had Matt, Caroline & Tyler triangle and we even had a ghost, witch & a human triangle! We don't need another triangle. We need Klaus to go back to being a villain. It's suppose to be about him wanting power and making a hybrid army to gain more power. I've never watched GG. But I'm thinking this show is becoming a supernatural GG?

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