The Voice Results: Sometimes, It Doesn't Work Out

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Now THAT is how you do a results show! The Voice's first live elimination episode was jam packed with performances and quick results, unlike anything I've seen on American Idol or The X Factor.

It was quick. It was to the point. It may have had on glaringly obvious mistake by America and the coaches, but I will take an entertaining hour over results that make me happy any day of the week and twice on Tuesdays.

After a quick recap of Monday night and a performance by Gym Class Heroes, we got right to the results. Three members of Team Blake and three from Team Xtina were voted through to the next round by America. Who were the lucky contestants?

Team Blake

Erin Willett, Jermaine Paul, and RaeLynn

If you read my review of last night's The Voice, you know I'm already upset. The majority of America might not know what they're doing in leaving Charlotte Sometimes off of this list, but at least the majority of TV Fanatics (50.6%) had the smarts to choose her as the best from Team Blake.

Team Blake Bottom Three

Team Xtina

Jesse Campbell, Lindsey Pavao, and Chris Mann

This was both who I thought would make it through, and who I wanted to make it through to the next round. All three were quality performances last night, and each of them will bring something special to the competition.

Then it was time for the remaining singers to sing for their coaches in hopes of getting chosen to advance to next week's live show. First up was Team Blake...

Naia Kete sang "If I Were a Boy," and once again failed to hit any notes outside of her lower register. Charlotte Sometimes then did "Iris," and while it wasn't on the level of last night's masterpiece, she gained steam as her emotions came through, and killed it by the end. Jordis Unga finished with "Wild Horses." She was much improved to start out, but missed one note badly at the end of the song.

All four coaches were asked who they thought should stick around. Only Blake's choice mattered, but they all picked Jordis anyway.  Before making his choice Blake referenced having to pick based on what he just heard. Hey Blake, you DON'T have to. You've been with these people for weeks and weeks. If you think someone is better, and will do better in the competition, you can just pick them. That's just a little head's up for next, buddy.

Ashley De La Rosa was up first for Team Xtina, and she did a middling version of "Paris (Ooh La La)." It was still better than Sera Hill's "Vision of Love," which was a vast improvement in song choice for her in comparison to Monday. Moses Stone closed out the show with "Breakeven (Falling to Pieces)," attempting to sing his way back into the competition. He didn't.

Cee Lo picked Sera to go through, before Adam and Blake quickly chose Ashley. Xtina's decision was the only one that counted, though, and after she jabbed for a bit too long, she decided to keep Ashley in the competition. I like that call.

So Jordis Unga and Ashley De La Rosa will join the other six contestants in next week's Top 16. Next week will be Team Adam and Team Cee Lo battling it out for the final eight spots, but for now, let us know which elimination makes you angry...


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I loved Charlotte's performance on Monday night, but she gave a lackluster performance on the results night. She seemed a bit dejected during that performance, although I understand her frustration; the audience picked two average singers over her, when she was clearly the better vocalist ( although I can't fault people for voting for Rae Lynn...I think she's fun to watch and probably more marketable than Charlotte). Jordis did not perform well on Monday, but showed vast improvement on results night and I'm glad Blake chose her. I'll miss Naia, though. Even though she had some pitch problems, I liked her voice and I thought she was more charismatic than the other two.
Ashley was definitely the right choice for Christina's team.


Charlotte's version of the song was original, and nowadays it is about unique voices, She was unique and I loved her on stage energy. She was the whole package and I am sooo upset she is gone. I only watch now for Lindsey and Mathai. And Jamar.


Jordis took it by far... it´s true. But i think raelyn should have been in the botton just for the way she preformed that week.
I think the weakest links of team xtina left.


I can't wait for next week..Jamar Rogers is my fav and I'm really rooting for him,too bad I can't vote since I'm in Europe.


Raj, You make a good point about Blake not thinking only what he said, but he still said it, so that gives me reason to complain about it. I thought both Charlotte and Jordis were good, not great, last night. The difference was when emotion came into play. Jordis missed a note badly, while I thought Charlotte got better with the emotion. It's always different stroke for different folks in these things. Who knows, maybe RaeLynn will surprise us and be awesome next round!


And also Erin to me was the best soloist of monday for Blake. Charlotte or Jordis (preferably Jordis) should have been the last saved instead of Rae Lynn which was a big mistake by america. For Christina Ashley was the clear choice.


What is the obsession with Charlotte? She, like most of the singers nowadays are trying to sound just like Adele and by the tenth time of hearing that voice it gets annoying which is what Charlotte was for me. Plus just because Blake said something out loud about picking someone in the moment doesnt necessarily mean that was the only thing factoring in his decision. Are you telling me just because you say one thing out loud that there arent other factors in your head that will still try to sway you? If not you are the most honest person if you say exactly what comes to mind all the time and btw Jordis was the best soloist for Blake. Using the excuse about Jordis missing one note due to the emotion (which is why she missed it) can be used for Charlotte to who you praised for sounding off near the end as well due to emotion.

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