Will Brennan Propose to Booth on Bones?

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Now that baby Christine has entered the world, is marriage next on tap for Booth and Brennan?

That's the million-dollar question, and in order for it to happen, Brennan will have to soften her staunch anti-marriage stance before there’s any question-popping to be done - by either half of the Bones tandem.

Then again, it's not as big of a stretch as it once was.

The New Parents

Emily Deschanel tells TV Line that her alter ego may slowly be coming around to the idea. “She’s always been against marriage – at least for herself – and has seen no need for it,” the actress points out.

“But maybe after having a child it will become more important to her. You saw her wanting Booth to ask her, but Booth putting it back in her court. It seems she may consider it now.”

Deschanel adds that she “absolutely” believes Brennan is capable of doing the proposing herself, as Seeley implied she should. “Brennan would be fine asking a man if she felt that was a rational thing to do,” she says.

What do you think? Will it happen this season? Or next? Or at all?

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bones and both should get married because they make a cut cuple and they are so good togetther and also they work good togetther.


they better get married cuz if they dont imma be like whhhhhhhhhaaaaat??


B&B will get married, for sure not this season, most likely a cliffhanger for season 9.
I am ready for this to happen


For Cying out loud get married..............


In the kitchen scene of the first episode of Season 7, Booth tells Brennan that she will ask him.


Caaaaaaaaaan anybody PLEEEEEEEEASE remind me when this happened? "Deschanel adds that she “absolutely� believes Brennan is capable of doing the proposing herself, as Seeley implied she should.
I know this happened, but i cant remember when!!! thanksssss!


I think it will definitely happen and I still feel that the proposal will come from Brennan. As to when? Well that's a different matter. I don't think it will be anytime soon and as it has previously been suggested, it might even be left until the series ends. I think we have a long way to go yet, but as long as it happens eventually then I am happy to wait. Bones starts back here in the UK a week today. Next Wednesday is Happy 'Bones' Day

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