2 Broke Girls Review: Stuck In Neutral

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Every week, I wonder if this will be the week that Max and Caroline get their big break and show some growth with the cupcake business. And every week I’m disappointed as they keep trudging along, barely having made over six hundred dollars. 

With a title like "And The Big Buttercream Breakthrough" you would think the writing was on the wall and this would be that episode the one we have all been waited for. But I guess the buttercream is on us, huh?

We got to sit through another half-hour with Caroline pushing Max to do something she didn't want to do, and then Max being able to do something that Caroline was afraid to do (or didn't know how to do, they are interchangeable.) 

Max & Caroline Deliver Cupcakes

And, as if that wasn’t disappointing enough, it appears that this episode also marks the end of Max working for Peaches, the most vapid woman to have ever purchased a pair of babies. I understand that it was time for her to depart. After all, Peaches really was a one trick pony - and it wasn’t really even a good trick. 

But her rich non-caring, air-headedness was a great counter-balance to the poor peasants at the diner. Where else could we see a woman spend an obscene amount money on a professional photo shoot for a blog in this economy?

Honestly, I was surprised Peaches knew what a blog was.

Okay, that was mean, they’re not all poor peasants at the diner; Sophie seems to have money. And, to be fair, the diner did offer us some of the best lines from this week’s 2 Broke Girl quotes, so I can’t be too hard on it. Just remind me to never to order the ham from the diner. 

Here is hoping that next week’s season finale - featuring Martha Stewart - sees the girls have some kind of big break through! Then again, with the title being 2 Broke Girls should we really expect them to succeed?   

Girl’s Current Total: $675


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i agree it has hit a slump even though i still adore the show...but last nights episode was truly funny, i could not stop laughing, the best scene was when oleg and sophie does the nasty shuffle out of the pantry and poor han came strolling out as if he had suddenly had a reason to turn gay...LMAO...i want them to come back, because they fight for the underdogs...i miss chestnut...


there were a lot of gross jokes


Okay, I feel a lot better after reading the review and comments. I thought I was the only who thought this show was losing its appeal. I overlooked the bad sterotypes because I really did enjoy Max and Caroline's friendship. But even that's grown stale. And I agree that their overall total is sad. I wouldn't have expected them to make 200k in a few months, but more than $600. Also, the fact that Max uses a cake mix and can't work with buttercream frosting is just plain weird given that she wants to own a cupcake business. I'll watch the finale next week since I watched the whole season, but It's off my watc list for next season.


I find the show to be disappointing overall. But you always have one or two great zingers every episode, so I keep watching. I don't think I could watch a full hour of it though. I find it irreseponsible of Max to quit a paying job to focus on a cupcake business, which she makes from a box mix.


Max and Caroline were the least funny/entertaining. Lately the episodes are formulaic in a bad way. Peaches was the funniest part of the trainwreck. "Mmacksss African-American" Ha! I'm not hopeful for the finale.


man, i was in love with show when it premiered.. it feels like its losing its charm with all the repetitive story lines.

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2 Broke Girls Season 1 Episode 22 Quotes

Han: Hey everybody, I got it!
Oleg: Don't worry, at least you caught it in the early stages.

Caroline: How did ketchup get this hard?
Max: You just hold it in your hand like this and say, "You're the best ketchup I've ever had."