90210 Season Finale Review: 'Til Death Do Us Part

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Taking crazy chances and winging it was in full effect in "Forever Hold Your Peace."

Naomi finally got her man after she desperately attempted to push Max to admit he still loved her and initially fell flat on her face. Looking stunning as ever, and even prettier than the bride in my opinion, she had to lift her jaw off the ground when Max admitted to not remembering a stitch of what he'd said about wondering if he was making a mistake marrying Madison.

So it was no shock when she announced that she was leaving Beverly Hills immediately to start a new job in NYC courtesy of Rachel, her ex-boss.

Max on His Wedding Day

I loved how she burst into the ceremony Dustin Hoffman-style in The Graduate. Declaring her true love for Max and making a colossal fool of herself, in the end Naomi got exactly what she wanted. But will it last this time? Are we ready for Max and Naomi 2.0?

Elsewhere, Diego all of a sudden became the nation's most important immigrant when the people took to the streets to save him from being deported. Rallies, protests, petitions? Diego finally put a halt to all the nonsense when he decided to turn himself in. And, please, would Ivy really marry another guy so quickly after Raj? This storyline just needed to be put to rest. Unfortunately, it wasn't. Vowing to stand by her man, Ivy bought a one-way ticket to Mexico City. Adios chica!

Teddy returned. For the sole purpose of being Silver's baby daddy. This seemed to have resolved Silver's angst over whether Liam or Navid were the best choice. Honestly, I thought it was pretty childish of both Navid and Liam (especially!) to keep forcing Silver's hand like that. While I thought Navid made the best argument, forcing someone to love you never yields great results. Didn't Teddy look sort of stunned, though?

Dixon came back to town from touring to give his relationship with Adrianna another shot but screwed up again when he didn't show up at their designated meeting spot. Kind of hard to do when you get run over by a tanker. That crash scene was shocking. And the montage of Adrianna getting on the jet and declaring Dixon a thing to be left in the past was sad to say the least. If she only knew.

Annie and Caleb's forbidden romance finally bit the dust when Caleb's guilt over not being able to talk to God anymore became too much to bear. After getting Annie's blessing, off he went to wear the collar again. Poor girl, will she ever find a normal guy to fall for or is she destined to be every guy's target board?

Austin sure was running around spewing words of wisdom to everyone. Since when did he become the love advice guru? It added some kind of comic relief and made me like him a tiny bit more. Just a bit. He still has to take his smugness down a notch.

And, in an unpleasant return, Vanessa resurfaced and forced Liam to haul ass to Bolivia to film the sequel to his bomb of a movie. Wanting a second chance with Liam, her crocodile smile was a mile wide. Why couldn't Liam see it?

So what does the future hold for the Beverly Hills gang? Will there ever be a happily ever after for any of them?

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I liked this entire season! I had stopped watching when Annie was with the older guy (she's 18..yuck! Silver too - kind of weird for older guys to be dating 18 year olds in my book) - I felt there was nothing I was interested in with that story and nothing I wanted to see either so I know I probably missed some vital things - I have been back to watching b/c his season is so much better. I wish Navid and Silver had chemistry b/c I adore Navid. But it's not there and can't be forced. Silver is by far one of my favorite characters due to her mature/logical decisions (a few bad ones here and there in the past) and not being needy. So far Naomi had the most sparks with Liam of anyone *but* I felt I saw many with him and Silver. Definitely over Vanessa. Annoyed to see her back and if Liam even falls for any of that, I will forever paint him as stupid. They are downright painful to watch and it's obvious he does not love her. I loved it when he showed some assertiveness in his feelings with Silver. I would love to see more scenes with them. I replayed that one scene over and over when he kissed her. I like to see Liam put himself out there because you can finally see how he feels. It may be lust with Silver but time will tell. A big pet peeve of mine is how fast relationships just move on after the build up


Oh God, why didn't Max die instead of Dixon? Not that Dixon dying would be all that bad. But Naomi and Max just suck together, because Naomi is just too wow for him! This show is getting pointless and annoying every episode! Naomi actually dumped Max over Austin, there was no fight no issue whatsoever, she just chose Austin! How is Max the love of her life then? Austin and her were still better, but nothing beats her chemistry with Liam (who is now probably a worse character than the one he plays in his alien movie). I actually feel bad for Annie, in fact she has become likable, now that she's not stealing Naomi's men! Silver is still as annoying as ever, Adrianna needs to lose a little weight and Liam needs a character makeover so he can be back with Naomi :)


@Sa'ad702 you're just a bitter fan!


OMG. MOST RIDICULOUS SHOW EVER!!! They renewed this over TSC??? They need to get their head checked!!!!!

Sarah silva

90210lover...your right! Thanks!


INO Naomi and Max are great. Hated the Silver stuff until Teddy appeared. Over Ivy's craziness ages ago... Annie really needs a decent love interest. Poor Ade, she's going to be crushed when she hears about Dixon. And I do kinda like Austin's character quite a bit now. Maybe him and Annie??? If he can manage a steady relationship that is. Anyone else think Dixon should be dead? I mean he got hit by a SEMI! On HIS side of the car. I had a friend get hit in the passenger side while driving and she didn't survive. (she was 18 and had just graduated too :( ) The way that car looked it's just not possible. But it IS 90210 so the stupidly impossible is probably going to happen. They really should have kept TSC or Ringer. Although as much as I enjoy watching TSC, it is as bad as this show... Just a few more drama details and I actually enjoy them.


90210 over does the car accident thing. they did dixon the same way they did javier. r.i.p. dixon. next season is gonna suck so bad. max sucks and so does liams manager/scam artist gf.


I thought this was a good finale.
Overall though, the only good character in the show is Naomi.
As long as Annalynne is in it, I will watch.


@ Mrs alex o'loughlin: liam's accident didnt happen in the season 3, it was the season 4 midseason finale! ;)


I really liked this season finale, it had its happy moments and its shocking ones! glad for naomi and max, she deserved some happiness and finally she got it! sucks for annie, when are we going to see her happy too? also happy to see teddy again, honestly, i dont know why he had to leave, please make him a regular again, he is one of my favorite characters on the show and in my opinion, he has a lot of different storylines that can be explored, besides being silver's baby's father! Sad for dixon, hope he's ok and gets back with ade! right now for me, she's like my second favorite girl (being first naomi obviously hehe)! Please writers, give us a fantastic season 5 so we can enjoy more this show and prove wrong to those people who keep saying this show should've been cancelled! :P

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