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So Max finally made it back. And "Tis Pity" Naomi was the one who bore the brunt of his ill-timed arrival.

Poor Naomi. She had a total freak out when she showed Madison her dream wedding location. But it was sort of hard to feel completely bad for her when she claimed to have lost the love of her life. Wasn't that Max just a few months ago? When did PJ become "the one that got away?"

Billy Ray Cyrus on 90210

Was it wrong of me to think she looked stunning drunk off her ass in her wedding dress, wading in her pool. Unfortunately, true love just isn't in the stars for the girl. First, PJ made a fool of her and now she unknowingly had agreed to be the wedding planner for Max's wedding. Maybe by some twist of fate it'll end up being Naomi's wedding as well.

Elsewhere, Silver thought she was pregnant, which led to Navid confronting Liam at his movie premiere. Nothing like a good old-fashioned pummeling on the red carpet. Who could blame Navid him when he saw the way-too-amorous exchange between Liam and Silver? Another one unlucky in love. I would have suggested that Navid maybe give up girls altogether and join the priesthood but, seeing how that gig turned out for Annie's new beau, maybe staying in Princeton would have been the best thing to do.

Caleb and Annie gave in to temptation and finally got together. Okay then... it's official. Annie is a slut. And unfortunately Caleb overheard her conversation with Austin trying to hide that fact. Just how many men can Annie destroy? And how soon before Caleb goes running to the confessional?

Austin's dad, Dudd, er... Judd Ridge, was brought in to help Adrianna with her music career. Billy Ray Cyrus was as repulsive as ever but it was Austin who actually turned out to be a bigger annoyance. Adrianna didn't think she could stand another doomed partnership. Have to say I agreed. She's certainly been around that block a time or two.

At least she gave Liam some good advice about giving his heart a break before jumping in another relationship. Not that he listened. And when did Austin turn into such a douche? Badgering Adrianna and Annie about his manager duties, blah, blah, blah. Like father, like son.

I loved Ivy this week. Bitter and hostile in the nuthouse. Yes! It was cool of Diego to come to her rescue and break her out. But did Ivy need to lose yet another guy? I can understand that Diego feared he'd get deported but to run off can't be good for Ivy's mental health. Guess she'll be using a whole lot of spray paint to ease her pain again.

So what did you guys think of this week's developments?  Will Naomi go over the bend and sabotage Max's upcoming nuptials?  Will Siam continue to thrive? Will Diego be kicked back over the border? Inquiring minds want to know.

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What's with all these teen marriages? I get Ivy's... but Naomi got caught in wedding fever, and now Max, and that girl Madison looked young. Silver and Liam have been with everyone. Fact. Liam falls for every girl he dates. Fact, and it is just slightly annoying. Annie did what she did to save her brother, she was desperate not a slut. Caleb giving up his innocence and dropping head first into their dark, screwed up world, without an honest way of turning back... well that's just slightly sad. Can these supposed friends not NOT make a fool out of themselves in public? It's just constant fighting in front of too many people. And they're not fights normal teenagers should have like, "You bought the same dress as me!", or, "It's my XBox!". It's "You got my girlfriend pregnant!", and "You drugged me into the hospital!". I guess the show wouldn't be interesting if it was normal though :P


Ivy is my favorite character on this show I wish they would feature her more. I know she has had her own storylines but to be honest her story is the only one really worth watching at this point so they just stick to her. I love Max but if he isn't going to be with Naomi then I don't want him on the show. I feel bad for Navid and even though I am not completely against Liam and Silver I think the timing is way off. Navid is the one getting hurt. Annie and Caleb is just annoying I mean I like Caleb but come on the guy already gave up his virtue which is enough of a struggle but then to find out he gave it up to a prostitute?! This guy is headed straight back confessional!


what? you said annie is a slut? she forced it to help dixon. silver is a slut, not annie. same as here, I think silver and Liam is so gross. not because I used to be Liam and Annie worshipper, but it is just way too forced to be a couple. and I hate Liam now, Annie deserves better than him. maybe with Austin could be interesting ;)


Liam and Silver are disgusting!


Okay then... it's official. Annie is a slut. And unfortunately Caleb overheard her conversation with Austin trying to hide that fact. Just how many men can Annie destroy? And how soon before Caleb goes running to the confessional? WHAT ?
When did Annie destroy any guy ? and what made her slut ?
I guess you were speaking about whore Silver.


WHERE was that amazing wedding venue? That was gorgeous!


Can someone tell me who made the shirt Naomi was wearing in the Tis Pity episode? It's the blue one with the back cut out. PLS


And I really hope season 5 won't take a lot of time for it to come out. ( not like last time )


I'm really enjoying this season, even though people criticize a lot new couples and the break ups I really think we should give them all opportunities, like Siam and Annie and Caleb that gives more drama to the show. I'm really hoping season 5 and Dixon's return... maybe one day he could end up with Naomi (just saying) she deserves a good guy!


Max is the only character that cares about his study, but now he's getting married at the age of 19? that's a bit unbelievable and OOC to me. But it's good to see him back on the show, and hopefully he'd still be around next season. So last year we gotta see Raj/Ivy's wedding during finale, this year we have Max/Madison's wedding.. ;D

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