90210 Season 5 Scoop: Who Won't Return?

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The tide has come in for Gillian Zinser on 90210.

In a major piece of season five casting news, first reported by TV Line, the actress behind Ivy will NOT return this fall to  CW drama.

Annie and Ivy

Ivy, who first came on board during season two, was last season on the 90210 Season 4 finale heading down to Mexico with boyfriend Diego. She isn't expected to appear at all on season five.

Will you miss this surfer chick, 90210 fans?

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I think that Ivy was great for the show and hopefully she can make an appearence in the next season...She will be missed


honestly I didn't find ivy interesting, she was a boring character to me, every time she would show i would fast forward, so in a way I'm glad she's not gonna be on anymore.


I'm gunna miss her!:(


90210 is not going to be the same without ivy..boooo!! we gonna miss the chilled out surfer chick...bring her back!!!


I will mis her why she cant return


Season 5 starts sometime in October this year.. its a long enough wait :(


Dude, we need the old Ivy back. The crazy cool Indie chick who didn't give an F.


Can wait to c tha whole drama in season 5!


when is season 5 starting ?


Does anyone think dixon is coming back? I think he is.

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.