90210 Season 5 Scoop: Who Won't Return?

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The tide has come in for Gillian Zinser on 90210.

In a major piece of season five casting news, first reported by TV Line, the actress behind Ivy will NOT return this fall to  CW drama.

Annie and Ivy

Ivy, who first came on board during season two, was last season on the 90210 Season 4 finale heading down to Mexico with boyfriend Diego. She isn't expected to appear at all on season five.

Will you miss this surfer chick, 90210 fans?

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I loved her character, she was my favourite and I may no longer watch.


Everyone? New cast FTW!


Her character is plain boring. just sayin'..


it's said cause she is a quality actress! I loved stories with her! But they lost her way and focus slideing her from 1 story to an other! Not giving her proper closure and sending her to the coco's nest!
Hopefully they cast her in an other show! Can't wait to watch her!


Ivy has been boring the entire season. The writers have thrown pointless storylines at her that have no relation to the other cast members. As much as I enjoy an independent storyline for a characters, hers have jumped and been really inconsistent. Her character has served nothing. She may be a great actress, but keeping her to begin with a bad idea. However, the cast now being down to 7 (possibly 6 depending on what happens to Dixon) means that a possible promotion for Josh Zuckerman or the return of Trevor Donovan as a series regular. I approve of one or both! :D


Im gonna miss her. She's a really good actres, I hope to see her as a regular on another show soon. Bye Bye Bye Ivy.


As much as I like Ivy, I think this was expected to happen. Her character was out of ideas for a while and she leaving to mexico is a good way to say goodbye, altough it wouldnt hurt to see her again at some point as a guest star, just to say hi to the gang and then return to wherever she is with diego (hoping she stays happy there with him hehe)
PS: Now that we know the future role of teddy in silver's life, does that mean he will return as regular? that will be the best news ever for me, he's one of my favorite characters on the show! :D


NO thank god she's gone. All she did was boyfriend hop. Like, bitch, you're husband just died, you're other boyfriend went away on a photography shoot, and your current boyfriend isnt supposed to live in America. I fast forwarded through all of her scenes that didn't involve Raj or Annie

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