ABC Nearing Renewal of Final Private Practice Season

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Having performed moderately well through a pair of Tuesday night showings, Private Practice is on the verge of renewal. But there's a catch, Deadline reports.

ABC will likely pick up the Kate Walsh-anchored drama, but only for 13 episodes, and under the condition that this will be the show's final season.

Last Tuesday's Private Practice installment drew the series' largest audience in over a year, a 29% increase over its debut Tuesday evening episode the week prior.

Walsh is reportedly on board with the 13-episode pick-up, as the program is competing with other ABC bubble shows such as GCB and Body of Proof for a place on the 2012-2013 schedule and this arrangement would make renewal more likely.

Private Practice airs a new episode tonight. It's previewed above and if you want to help make ABC's decision-making process easier, it's very simple: tune in.

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I like private practice and feel that it is better programing than some of these new SyFi's you are bringing in that are demon-like. And I love Greys Anatomy because it brings real and quality programing. That pulls at your heart strings and helps us relate better to our own health and medical day to day issues. We. love them both because they generally are about love and life not demonstrate and shooting & killng.


ABC (All Broadcasts Cancelled Network) is at it again, I am leary of watching any series on this station, as soon as I am sure I LOVE IT! they yank it! I ABHOR ABC!


I think that Private Practice deserves more than just one more season. Like most shows, there are good and not so good episodes, but the story lines, overall, are so much better than some. I dont think it should be compared to Grey's, yes it was created by Shonda Rhimes, and yes it is a spin off. But the story lines are much less about the dramatic cases and more on the lives of a group of people, facing somewhat common (and some not so common) issues. It is a great show with talented actors and ABC really should take a look at some of the shows it continues to remove and consider the possibility that they are actually worth while shows. Im sick of getting new show after new show and it only lasting a few seasons (or only one). Let PP be like Desperate Housewives and (sort of) decide to end a show before the writing becomes terrible rather than cut the show off when it still has potential.


@Sherzz: I like Meredith, is a good character but none of the starring of the series of Shonda's a great character. At the beginning to the season six for me was a very expendable and was odious protagonist (only the star of Felicity was worse ), was in the 6th and 7th season where the character started to like me and win big. In that sense I would stay with Yang, but comparing it to Charlotte, the second has been more evolution. As you say you're right seasons, but not always series lasting more are have quality higher, for example United State of Tara was much better than Nurse Jackie and Edie Falco series continues to air. Also you asked if anyone was left with PP instead of Grey's, I stay with Private.


do you honestly think pp gets better retings then geys there both good shows but the dont even qualify for the same category. greys gets in the top ten dramas for the past 7 years on almost every list and wedsite. i love them both but they are very different. greys is a huge show with millions of fans and pp its amazaing but it doesnt make any of the list...
@carls i agree i love charolette too... she is my favorite on pp... second favorite actres on tv probably... but she is not Meredith Grey lets be realistic
good shows are only shown in the fact that they last thats how you know the two don't compare... pp cant make 6 full seasons and greys got picked up months ago with almost al its cast leaving for a ninth thts insane


Definitely a PP fan. Stopped watching Grey's in its entirety after PP aired. Still PP gets good ratings when compared with other series.


Sad because it will be the last season, but at least we will have a planned end and with time because after five years at least that they deserve. @Sherzz: I see PP and GA, but if I had to choose a single episode would choose Private Practice. For Grey's lost a lot and I do not entertain, but I like Private and maintains a high level. And this fifth season has been just great and Charlotte is the best character Shondaland born.
Sad because it will be the last season, but at least we will have a planned end and with time because after five years at least that they deserve.


I don't think that it is fair for ABC to say 13 episodes and final ever season. If there leaving it at final ever season at least allow for a full season.
PP is brilliant this year and I love it being on a different day however living in the UK means that those of you in the US have to watch the show. Whether or not I can watch it depends on you guys and I hate not being able to add to the view ratings. Also PP can stand alone as a show without Greys. Its done brilliantly to get to 5 seasons. It does those stories that can't happen in Greys and they push the boundries. yeah it is a spin off but at the same time if I had never watched Greys I would still love it just as much. I love Greys but PP is sooooo much better =)


i was just wondering for any of you who watch private practice... is there anyone who watches PP but not greys?


get all your friends and families to watch play it on sepertae tvs in your house get into it peeps. and oh please they say private oractice wont last every year but we all no that greys is going to pull it through... if this happens and geys loses all good cast members shonda and all her fans are screwed. just combine the two and dont use every person in every episode... dont do this if mer and der are coming back though...we need our showss... everyone watch private practice tonight.

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