ABC Nearing Renewal of Final Private Practice Season

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Having performed moderately well through a pair of Tuesday night showings, Private Practice is on the verge of renewal. But there's a catch, Deadline reports.

ABC will likely pick up the Kate Walsh-anchored drama, but only for 13 episodes, and under the condition that this will be the show's final season.

Last Tuesday's Private Practice installment drew the series' largest audience in over a year, a 29% increase over its debut Tuesday evening episode the week prior.

Walsh is reportedly on board with the 13-episode pick-up, as the program is competing with other ABC bubble shows such as GCB and Body of Proof for a place on the 2012-2013 schedule and this arrangement would make renewal more likely.

Private Practice airs a new episode tonight. It's previewed above and if you want to help make ABC's decision-making process easier, it's very simple: tune in.

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I'm sad to hear that PP is going to end next season but at least ABC is decent enough to give the show a proper ending.


I don't understand why good shows are always on the choppong block. The are well written with great actors. I'm tired of all these stupid reality shows. Let's go back to Tv shows be sitcoms . Dramas......make us laugh cry and forget about the real world for those 30mins or 1hr.....lets keep watching these shows and keep them going......


I'm happy with the fact that PPP will get an amazing send off. I just DON'T understand why people don't watch it. Its amazing. The stories are so great, heartwrenching and funny. There's never been a better cast of amazing actors. Kadee, Kate, Caterina, Amy, Paul, Tim and Taye are AMAZING and GREAT Actors. ABC should have moved it to tuesday last year so it would have had a better audience. But then again, I feel that Shonda wants to end it soon, She gave Addie the baby now the man and the whole season 5 was about getting Addie sorted out mentally. As long as Kate guest stars in Grey's I am fine with PPP ending.


As the article states (from Deadline), a standard 22 or 18 episode order hasn't been denied, so here's hoping to one of those if they decide to go above 13.


I can get down with 13 episodes. Renew away, ABC!


I'm relieved to know as well that ABC will at least give the show a proper end. Knowing that this season's finale will have a cliffhanger or two, it's enough for me to know that at least we'll get closure for the show next season rather than ending it on those cliffhangers.


It's nice to know that ABC is willing to give PP the proper sendoff it so rightfully deserves. I can't wait to have Addie and the rest of the gang back next season, regardless of how many episodes there are.


I knew this would happen! But hey, I'm happy with a final 13 episodes than a final season. Besides, if the ratings for it go well, they might extend it by a few more episodes.


Okay seriously the 'last' season. Come on!

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