Army Wives Review: Here We Go Again

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The last Army Wives episode before a five-week hiatus gave us a heck of a lot more than "General Complications," as the title would lead you to believe. The question about who got the third star was answered, transplant surgery was started and Marcus was lightly let into the Burton family. Let's get going!

David gets to know his father
No matter how you try to wrap up a broken gift, when you open the package, it's still broken. That's the story of David getting to know his birth father. No matter how much Joan wants to protect David from Marcus and his life, David will always want to know about him; good, bad or indifferent. Marcus isn't the product of the Army life, let alone any structured life at all, so Joan shouldn't have been surprised when he explained his criminal history to David with humor or dismissed Army tradition.

I understand that Joan loves what she does, loves her children and doesn't want them to be faced with the more frightening sides of life. But that's plain unrealistic. The fact that we need an Army to protect us from undesirable aspects of different parts of the world should be enough for her to understand that. Instead she allows herself to be pushed the the very edge by Marcus and they finally kicked him out of their house during dinner. It would seem that is going to be just the beginning of a much uglier story.

CJ & Michael Celebrate His Promotion

Audrey shows up to take credit for Michael's promotion
Maybe it's the years of watching Susan Lucci play Erica Kane on All My Children, but when she turns on the heat, the only thing keeping you from smacking her across the face is that pesky television screen. Audrey's appearance at the beginning of the season was a little too calculated for her to end up anything but bad. With as much as Claudia Joy has gone through in the last months for her to show up and claim credit for Michael's promotion was unforgivable. 

Jackie is thankful for her new friends
It was really sweet listening to Jackie express her happiness to Denise about how thankful she was to have found friends in our Army wives. She seems genuinely happy and has lost her need to lean on pills and feel stressed all the time. She was feeling so good she even confided in Claudia Joy about her past with Audrey. A month ago I would have thought it was a ploy of some sort, but once their husbands were no longer fighting for stars, I could feel their friendship blossoming. 

Hector makes life difficult for Gloria
Hector is a hot head, isn't he? He's like a nest constantly swarming with bees and Gloria is his queen. Good luck trying to keep all those bees away from her. She's hot, smart and full of attitude. Take solace in the fact that she loves you and let her be. HA! No pun intended. She needs space to be free and enjoy life. She loves learning and to have Roxy take her under her wing has made her feel very special. There is no way Hector will be gone for long, but if he doesn't watch himself, he will lose Gloria, and that would be a huge loss.

We head into hiatus with...

  • Denise and Claudia Joy pull trough surgery but CJ flatlines on the table. Were they really bringing Jackie in to take her place? Just as they became friends? I'm hoping it's another fluke, but how many times can they mess with her life?
  • Trevor and Roxy are having money problems; and twins! Somehow I think it will all work out for them.
  • I have a bad feeling about Marcus after Joan dismissed him. You don't dismiss someone who is already on shaky ground.
  • When do you think they will take Pamela off the promos? Since her show wasn't picked up, might she be welcomed back?
  • The 32nd Airborne is being deployed again. Are we looking forward to even more death before seasons end?

Come on back on June 24 to see what happens next. Will Claudia Joy still be with us? I, for one, hope she sticks around. She's the glue that keeps our family together. 


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CJ is the star. I hope they bring Audrey back and we find out more about her past with Jackie and her relationship with CJ and Michael. She really stirred the pot well. Surely Lifetime can pressure Susan Lucci to come back for a few shows???? She isn't doing that much since All My Children went off the air.


Is Army Wives going to end?


Bring Pamela back...bring Claudia Joy back.......keep the old cast together because THEY are why we started to watch Army Wives. Denise, C.J., Pamela, Roxy and Roland and their spouses are what made us fans. And, PLEASE, drop the gay relationship. If the fans matter, then pay attention to our comments. We are who watch or NOT watch the show. I rest my case !


Please get back to the great relationship that the Army Wives had. Claudia Joy has always been the glue, she was there for everyone no matter the rank of her friends husband's rank. That is very tricky to handle in the military. Real life there are alot of officers' wives in these circles but not always. Claudia Joy and Michael have always been the greatest dealing with all the rules and regs of the Army and caring about their fellow soldiers and their famiies. They are real, please get back to what made this show great. I still believe what made this show falter at times was the irregular scheduling of the seasons start and stop dates. But fans stayed with it because of the story line, don't create such a jumble. What's with Michael having dinner with another woman? It is okay to have new people in an out of the storyline but adding several and having to address their lives every week is weakening the continuity of the story. Yes having Pam come back in the story with her husband would be great as that is pretty normal when after soldiers separate from the military to civilian life. I really hope that they is a way to return to what all of us fell in love with from the beginning and then add some new twists and turns. Tearing the storyline down and rewriting will only destroy the continuity. Please bring it back and keep it going. Also lets have regular schedule so all can follow the seasons easily.


I hope Army wives is not stopping. It seems like everyone is leaving. Why can't you just stop taking off shows pwople like. Claudia jpy is the main person - they all fit together.


Why has Claudia Joy missed so many shows, they don't even mention her any more. Is she off the series?


I just watched an episode of army wives which I think is a pretty descent show until I saw two lesbians getting married. Can I just ask a question? Do we really need to see that sh*t? Is everything Gaye and lesbian now? Is it really necessary to push this crap
All over tv just to appease this group? I just want to Watch some wholesome tv for once without the networks throwing this in our face. And god forbid you share how you feel then they sew you and want to get you fired from your job, this is a real trip.
Wheres my rghts?????


Why does Col. Joan Burton lead combat Infantry units and wear Military Intelligence Branch insignia?


I will.stop.watching the show if cj dies!..period


CJ is the main star of the show. You can't kill her off. It would not be the same without her.

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Army Wives Season 6 Episode 13 Quotes

Claudia Joy: Audrey is looking for payback.
Michael: What?
Claudia Joy: She dropped a pretty broad hint about you giving Bryce some sort of advisory position.

You know, despite the news, I haven't felt this good in years.