Blue Bloods Review: Credible Threat

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When Blue Bloods decides to take us behind the scenes of a terror threat, it is a truly scary experience. "Mother's Day" featured Frank torn between taking the best course of action to stop a biological attack and calming a frantic mayor, combined with the pull to protect his own family.

When Erin called Frank to tell him that she, Linda and Nicky were about to hop on the subway I was shocked he didn't tell her to take a cab instead. If it were my family, I have no doubt I would have. Frank Reagan's a strong man.

Frank Must Stop a Terrorist Attack

A backpack sprayer sounded so simple. It's horrifying to believe it could be that deadly. What was scarier was that Frank was right. With so little time and information, telling the public would have only caused a wide spread panic. Once the terrorists heard the news they'd simply change there plan and the announcement would most likely save no one. 

I've actually witnessed an NYPD exercise in progress and it is an awesome sight. When you see NYPD officers on the street each day, it's easy to forget that there are over 30,000 of them out there protecting the city and thank goodness they are. 

Blue Bloods gave us a peek at what the stress must be like behind the scenes when a credible threat come through.

Of course, even with all the tension, we had Garrett to lighten things up in this Blue Bloods quote:

Frank: You're late.
Garrett: It's Saturday. Technically I'm a day and a half early. | permalink

Every week I love him a little more.

But the Reagans brought their own conflict as Danny and Jamie clashed yet again over who was the real cop. Was it a rookie versus detective issue or a brother thing?

Obviously it was a brother thing as nothing made Jamie happier than when Danny asked him to back him up. 

The child abduction case was just as terrifying as the terrorist plot but the reunion scene between mother and son was the weakest of the entire episode. Perhaps because they gave us very little detail about his life over the past two years. What did the kidnappers tell the boy? What did he think happened to his mom? I guess we'll never know.

It seemed apropos to end the season at the Reagan dinner table and although the Mother's day prayers were nice, they were a bit of a let down after the entertaining dinner conversations we've had all season. But all in all it was the end of another strong year of Blue Bloods. Now on to season 3!


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I love this show!!!! I think this is the best show on Tv!! I am very impressed and can't wait for the third season. I received season one DVD from my mom Who also loves this show for Christmas and we can't wait to be able to purchase season two on DVD !!! Tom Selleck is a phenonimal actor and is the glue for this series! I too love how they pray at the table and are an example of how families should be. The good old days.


I find that there are very little meaningful series that portray family as well as to do the right thing seeing as how most of the drama series are about action pack only I like blue bloods more and more


finishing the comment I started: I've liked Blue Bloods less and less as I watch each episode. It's not a condemnation or criticism of the show, just personal taste. I think it might be time to erase it from my DVR's menu. . .


I'm very close to giving up on Blue Bloods and may not be back for Season 3. The storyline regarding the terror threat was weakly written, probably because its only purpose was to serve the larger theme of the episode. It played more like a series finale, as though every storyline was going to be wrapped up in its entirety. For me as a viewer, Danny has become very unpalatable as a character, and Jaime's character is just so wooden and one-dimensional (the hothead older-brother/senior-officer/detective versus the younger-(read-baby)-brother/junior-officer-but-not-a-rookie-any-more/patrolman), and I agree with Dreamrose that I wanted to slap Danny silly. (But I respect that Dreamrose seems to like the show a whole lot better than I do!) I'm not so crazy about the whole family dynamic, not sure why, just find it hard to swallow. I started watching Blue Bloods when it premiered because I wanted to see Tom Selleck on a regular series again, but over the past two seasons, I've liked it less and less. In fact, the only two characters I actually LIKE are Renzulli and Curatola! It's just personal taste, not a condemnation of the show. I think maybe Season 3 won't be on my DVR in the fall.


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Great comments everyone. I especially agree with Wolfshades suggestion that the director incorporate some of the actual capture (even a couple moments worth)of the terrorists. They started to when breaking into the no longer occupied hotel room, but, dropped it after that. Did anyone notice that season one contained 22 episodes and season two, 21?


Loved this episode and the fact that Jamie finally stands his ground with Danny and didn't back down. That was great. Loved the way Linda made Danny realize just how crappy he treats Jamie, and that Jamie is his equal. That was really touching. I am glad they include prayer at the dinner table, it's a very family tradition that suits this series and I hope they don't stop. It makes the Reagan's what they are. All the characters are lovable and I agree, Tom Selleck's portrayal of Frank Reagan is solid, what it should be. Love it.

Sarah silva

Such a great episode! Linda was great when she told Danny that he needs to treat Jamie better! When Danny asked Jaime to back him up that was a sweet moment as was the scene when Danny and Jaime were talking and decided to work on their relationship!
Frank is awsome! I wanted to slap the mayor and tell him that if he went ahead with the press conference and it turned into a huge panic, which it would have, I am so glad that they nabbed the terroists! David Ramsey will be in Arrow on the CW so I wonder if they will still have him on BB or if they will write him out saying after the threat he realized he needs to trust Frank more and can not do that so he will step down.
This whole episode was great!


I'm with Dreamrose on this. The reason the Reagans are unapologetically religious is because the show itself is brutally honest. There is no hubris here - and that makes for compelling drama. We *care* for this family, with all of its warts. Missing from this episode was the minute-by-minute tension around the terrorist threat. We hear about the takedown but don't see it. We aren't privy to the work that is done in finding them. I think that's a mistake. It occurs to me that the rest of the episode - the brothers fighting, the concerns about Mother's Day - were all truly well done so I know that it would have been impossible to get it all done within the hour. Perhaps it should have been a 2-hour finale instead. If they had done that, the day by day normality of everything else would have stood in starker contrast to the looming threat.


I also like the family dinners and showing their religion without being fanatics. I am not particularly religious, but I enjoy the fact that these are normal people, doing their jobs, being family, like everyone else, and showing their beliefs, but not pushing them on anyone else. Its great to see a family having sunday dinners, and yet have the same problems that most others have. I like the prayer at the end, but I was hoping for a little more for a finale. The episode itself was good, and showed how strong Frank is as a person and a leader, but I was hoping for something more. I will however continue to watch this show, and look forward to next season.

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