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Summer 2013 is looking to be a big one for Brennan, as "Bone of Contention" will finally hit the big screen. This week, however, it almost shut down production when a real body turned up on set.

"The Suit on the Set" made for quite the entertaining hour on Bones.

Seeley Booth and Temperance Brennan

I have to say, when I saw the trailer and interview at the very beginning, I wasn't quite sure we were even talking about Brennan's books. The alien-looking aircraft and large explosions were enough of a satire on current trailers I almost felt a little embarrassed.

I think that feeling only got multiplied when I realized just how silly the lead actors were.

Lucky for us, there is nothing silly about Booth and Brennan and the epic work they do in their reality. For that, I think we can all be grateful. I won't lie, however, I do feel bad for Brennan, who no doubt seemed more than displeased with the script's lack of attention to detail. Directors really should care about those kinds of things. They look amateur when they don't!

As for Hodgins' ambivalence towards the film and its characters: One minute he's jealous of the state-of-the-art appearance of their make-believe W.I.S.K headquarters, the next he's ready to jump in as an extra. I especially enjoyed his skepticism of the actor playing his part. They really did seem to bond a little bit by the end.

And who would have seen Cam's film past coming to the fore? Invasion of the Mother Suckers? Oh, my...

It definitely had '70's written all over it. You couldn't help, though, but draw some rather ridiculous but true parallels to the vampire lore of today.

The one thing I don't think I saw coming, despite all the twists and turns, was the obsessive gardener being the baddie. I think Bones has started to revert to that pattern of making the killer the first-person-you-saw-and-first-you-forgot-about tactic. I've seen that before. While I know it can get hard to write new episodes, especially eight seasons in, but please don't make it a habit.

Speaking of originals, it seems Christopher Pellant, a true original villain of the tech age, will return next week for the Bones season finale. Can you believe, despite the desperately long hiatus, that the season is coming to a close? It feels like we just got back in the swing of things!

Other highlights from the episode:

  • The studio mogul being named Hanson Stevens. No, that's not obvious... at all.
  • Hodgins and Angela tracking down the last existing copy of "Invasion of the Mother Suckers."
  • Dr. Filmore informing Brennan that their time together was a competition.
  • Brennan taking issue with the inconsistencies of the script.
  • Donuts that we'll never get to eat, but which Booth couldn't seem to get enough of.
  • The Jeffersonian team making the promo for "Bone of Contention," even if it does appear they got blown up.

Can you believe the finale is upon us?!?


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Can someone help me. I am in the uk and have just watched season 3. In the finale, the explosion was used as a decoy for someone to take the skeleton. As Zach was injured, but subsequently found to be Gormagon's apprentice: who took the skeleton then?


Just watch it. Fun episode ! Sometime, you need to relax your audience... I like the fact they used the Fox/Bones real studio set for this.


Oops. Meant to say "come up with".


Wow, it looks like some of my post was cut off. I was saying that I knew the culprit was either the director or the landscape architect. I agree with the fan who said the villains are too obvious. If the former FBI agent was the murderer, then I'd be surprised. However, I'm glad the show didn't open with the random person stumbling over the body and running away screaming scene! I think going into season 8, Bones needs to loose this format and move on to a more serious opener with a touch of humor. It just seems like the writers are going out of their way to come with the most unlikely scenario for finding a body that they can! We are an intelligent audience and I for one would like to see a return to the writing style of earlier seasons. They were still funny, but so much more information was contained in the 45 minutes and you really had to pay attention to figure out who the murderer was. However, I must say, the ending shot with the clip of Cam's film "Die Mothersuckers" was so hilarious. It was silly and campy, but I really enjoyed it-this was the highlight of the episode for me. Now, I don't want to sound too critical; I've been a Bones fan since season one and I thought several of the episodes this season were good. But there's always room for improvement! Moving forward into season 8, I would like to see episodes that keep me on the edge of my seat, that are smartly written, intelligent, quirky, etc. Please don't make the murderer obvious, shock and surprise us! Anyway, I'm looking forward to the season finale, it appears to be awesome!


Cardiogod- Bones product placement is for Toyota not Honda, but yes I agree with you. I absolutely abhor the obviousness of this tactic; obvious and tacky product placement. I remember in seasons 2-4 or so, the camera would linger on the Toyota symbol on Booth's SUV and that got the message across. Bones is sponsored by Toyota. If people want to purchase a Toyota, they will. Seeing mini-commercials within a television show is really not going to convince them. "Wow, I saw the Toyota on Bones and now I'm going to buy one". Really? Anyway, on to the "Suit on the Set"; I also was an X-Files fan, and "Hollywood AD" was hilarious and quirky. However, I was disappointed in the Bones' attempt at the "movie within a movie" concept. I just didn't think the writing was up to par; it wasn't very creative, just pretty silly. Don't get me wrong, silly when done well is very effective and funny. Unfortunately, I think this episode missed the mark. I knew the culprit was either the director or the "landscape architect"; I agree with the fan who said the suspects are too easy to pick out. If the former FBI security guard was the villain, then I'd be surprised. In all fairness, at least the show didn't open with someone stumbling across the body and screaming! I hope in season 8, Bones will no longer use the screaming random person finding a murder victim as the opener. This being said, I'm still a Bones fan, and have been since the first season. I think there were episodes this season that were good, and I'm hopeful the season finale will be awesome. I don't want to sound too critical of Bones, it's still my fav, but there's always room for improvement! I would like to see more drama and episodes that keep me on the edge of my seat,excellent writing, and less obvious suspects as we go into season 8 of Bones.


After 8 seasons, isn't it time to improve Brennan's social IQ? The character is a genius--surely after this long, isn't it time to allow her some social skills, even if limited by habit? Having read all of the "Bones" books, knowing full well these characters have NOTHING to do with the books, it would certainly improve the feel of the show if Brennan didn't do such supremely stupid things in her personal relationships. Love it anyway and am looking forward to a REAL season!


i have no idea how the gardener being the killer could have ever shocked anyone. she may have been one of the first we met, but she kept creeping up, there was no way to forget her. she was so obvious. this show is terrible this season, and i say that as a VERY loyal fan. i am so tired of listening to hodgins and angela whine, sick of booth whining, sick of sweets having almost no screen time at all. i'm also sick of all of the super obvious product placement. WE GET IT, HONDA. i thought the serial killer this season was going to turn things around, but they've only touched on it once. i was hoping it would be more like season 3 and we'd get a few amazing episodes, but this feels like it's just been thrown together.


Too cute and predictable. Bring back the Bones from Seasons 1-5. I try not to make comparisons but The X-Files ("Hollywood A.D.") Made their movie-version episode funny too...but it was smarter,funnier and better overall.


" I think Bones has started to revert to that pattern of making the killer the first-person-you-saw-and-first-you-forgot-about tactic. I've seen that before. While I know it can get hard to write new episodes, especially eight seasons in, but please don't make it a habit." Make it a habit? Are you kidding me? Bones has been using that tactic almost every episode since the series began. The killer is either someone that's introduced in the first 5 minutes of the episode or, in the rare cases when they don't do the above, the killer is someone that comes out of complete nowhere in the last 5 minutes of the episode. Either way I still have yet to really guess the killer until it's just about to be revealed anyway, so I guess it works.


Great show lots of twist and turns and who was the killer? WOW that was a surprise would have never have got that one The cast was great and loved Cams movie Ha Ha their back in the grove !!! Love it!!!!!!!!!

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