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Summer 2013 is looking to be a big one for Brennan, as "Bone of Contention" will finally hit the big screen. This week, however, it almost shut down production when a real body turned up on set.

"The Suit on the Set" made for quite the entertaining hour on Bones.

Seeley Booth and Temperance Brennan

I have to say, when I saw the trailer and interview at the very beginning, I wasn't quite sure we were even talking about Brennan's books. The alien-looking aircraft and large explosions were enough of a satire on current trailers I almost felt a little embarrassed.

I think that feeling only got multiplied when I realized just how silly the lead actors were.

Lucky for us, there is nothing silly about Booth and Brennan and the epic work they do in their reality. For that, I think we can all be grateful. I won't lie, however, I do feel bad for Brennan, who no doubt seemed more than displeased with the script's lack of attention to detail. Directors really should care about those kinds of things. They look amateur when they don't!

As for Hodgins' ambivalence towards the film and its characters: One minute he's jealous of the state-of-the-art appearance of their make-believe W.I.S.K headquarters, the next he's ready to jump in as an extra. I especially enjoyed his skepticism of the actor playing his part. They really did seem to bond a little bit by the end.

And who would have seen Cam's film past coming to the fore? Invasion of the Mother Suckers? Oh, my...

It definitely had '70's written all over it. You couldn't help, though, but draw some rather ridiculous but true parallels to the vampire lore of today.

The one thing I don't think I saw coming, despite all the twists and turns, was the obsessive gardener being the baddie. I think Bones has started to revert to that pattern of making the killer the first-person-you-saw-and-first-you-forgot-about tactic. I've seen that before. While I know it can get hard to write new episodes, especially eight seasons in, but please don't make it a habit.

Speaking of originals, it seems Christopher Pellant, a true original villain of the tech age, will return next week for the Bones season finale. Can you believe, despite the desperately long hiatus, that the season is coming to a close? It feels like we just got back in the swing of things!

Other highlights from the episode:

  • The studio mogul being named Hanson Stevens. No, that's not obvious... at all.
  • Hodgins and Angela tracking down the last existing copy of "Invasion of the Mother Suckers."
  • Dr. Filmore informing Brennan that their time together was a competition.
  • Brennan taking issue with the inconsistencies of the script.
  • Donuts that we'll never get to eat, but which Booth couldn't seem to get enough of.
  • The Jeffersonian team making the promo for "Bone of Contention," even if it does appear they got blown up.

Can you believe the finale is upon us?!?


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I feel the show is going down hill. I looked forward to the show but not now . Wish they could put some drama in the show. Hope the show gets better.


Epidose was good. I like it thqt we didn;t have to see Bones and Booth getting the kinks out of their relatonship. The baby part is fine. I can see Bone's being upset about the science part of the movie as she is all about science.


farsia2010, I agree wholeheartedly with you. This was once a very good show. The cases were intriguing, the characters were written and played very intelligently, and it had a bit of an edge. All of those things seem to have gradually disappeared in the past 3 seasons or so, and that is sad. Too many things are played for laughs now, and the whole show has gotten way too cutesy and silly for my taste. I think the whole baby thing was simply the nail in the coffin for this show, as far as I am concerned. What has happened to the intelligence? What has happened to the drama, the loose ends that don't always get tied up? I believe the writers of this show sorely underestimate their audience and their intelligence. And the result is this mess of a soap opera that Bones has become.


I really enjoyed this episode!!


i am not saying that all the eps have to be drama only, but there has to be a balance, some comedy here, some drama here, some mixed eps. but this season barely has ANY drama at all!! just comedy and superficial caricatures of the characters and their feelings! it has nothing left from the first 4 seasons or even season 5 and 6.(even though those two were maybe a little too dramatic and not enough comedic relief, but still). season 7 is just tooooooooo shallow.


Good show and the killer was a total surprise. This show has got one of the best ensemble casts and makes Bones fun to watch each and every week. I laughed at the characters who were supposed to be Temperence and Booth in the film that was being made of Bones's book, especially the guy who was supposed to be Booth. Funny to say the least.


This episode was lame and boring. Much as all of the more recent episodes have been lame and boring -- personal foibles, relationships and ridiculous back stories have become more important than the crime, and for that the show has changed too much.


A lot of dramas do "fun" shows. Supernatural, Castle, CSI. I don't think every episode has to be overflowing with drama, it's unrealistic and can lead to boredom of the same thing over and over. What's the difference between this episode of Bones and last week's zombie episode of Castle?


What's weird is this was about a FOX executive murdered, now there is an actual story of a FOX executive missing!! Timing's everything


I got to say these show is really going down its trying to hard to be pysch show on the USA network

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