Bones Season Finale Review: Hunted

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It can be a terrible thing when the past comes back to haunt you.

For Brennan, Booth and the rest of the Jeffersonian team, "The Past in the Present" amounted to a whole lot of evidence pointing to Bones as the culprit in the murder of her friend, Ethan Sawyer.

We all knew that Bones would deliver nothing short of an epic, albeit heartbreaking, season finale.

Booth, Brennan and Baby

It all started with tech baddie Christopher Pelant's parole hearing. Booth was right. He was a menace to society and he needed to remain under house arrest.

The unfortunate part about it is that even under house arrest Pelant was a menace to society. If anything, he should have been locked up in solitary confinement without possibility of seeing the light of day.

It scares me what all Pelant can do with a computer, and not even just computers - technology in general! How on earth was he able to hack their cell phones?!?

I think it was particularly creepy when Booth's phone rang and it was the sound of wolves after they had just found Ethan Sawyer dead, apparently gnawed on by wolves. I felt terrible for Brennan, especially when it came out that she had consulted Ethan on the Pelant case the last time.

Then there was all that evidence that just miraculously began to pile up against Brennan, from time-stamped security footage to the samples found in the back of Brennan's car.

Angela, Booth

Things got harder and harder as the episode went on.

Angela just loves Brennan so much that she wouldn't hear anything about the evidence against her and did everything in her power to make sure that Brennan wouldn't got to jail. But I couldn't help wondering if some of the things she was doing, like attempting to give Brennan an alibi for the night the tape was timestamped for, weren't potentially going to make it worse for Brennan.

Then again, Cam really was doing the hardest thing she has likely ever had to do. I don't think we've seen her cry that often, if ever. The fact she bawled over the evidence that really put the final nail in Brennan's coffin almost had me in tears as well. Mr. Julian was right, though: Cam was the hero in all of this. Who knew how bad things could have been if she had withheld that information from the investigation?

Getting Heated

Pelant knew exactly how to push everyone's buttons. And he hit all the right ones. Calling Booth and making it sound like it was Brennan was genius, and it got Booth riled up such that he assaulted Pelant and got himself and Brennan taken off the case.

My favorite moment during that part of the episode was when Flinn came to Brennan's house and tried to execute the search warrant that has the wrong house address on it. Of course, Ms. Julian transposed the numbers! She was buying them more time!

In the midst of all the Pelant drama, there was still a matter of Christine's christening. That was such a great moment for them, as sad as it eventually ended up being, with Brennan leaving Booth to escape her inevitable arrest. I can only begin to imagine the impact this will have on the investigation and her future.

They have made it through worse. The Gravedigger case proved similarly trying for the Jeffersonian team, especially when it came down to being impeached on the stand during the trial and accused of being too close to the case. There's no way they won't find a way to prove her innocent eventually, just as they eventually found a way to convince the jury that Taffet was guilty.

In fact, in the episode's final minutes, that solution, embedded in those strange characters on Sawyer's wall, may give them just that!

Though a truncated season, Bones sure made the most of the episodes they had. It will be a long and painful wait until they return in the fall. Did you love this season finale as much as I did? What do you expect upon the show's return?


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Loved the episode - thought it was the best of the season. Can't wait for the series to end to find out the significance of the 4:47 that appears on the clocks in season finales. -It was in the 'Lab' finale, the 'off to search for bones in Indonesia' finale, the 'Pregnancy' finale and now this finale. Was it in previous finales


Dennis is right. Pelant is the lamest villain ever, because to make him the scariest big bad, he's been given super genius powers beyond believability. Making him able to fool an ankle bracelet is one thing, but taking apart old VCRs and make a laser to etch 3D fractals onto bone (The Crack in the Code) while under house arrest?? Give me a break! This storyline is impossible to enjoy because Pelant's genius is so over sold and unbelievable. I just hope he's not a sign Bones is jumping the shark.


With so much junk on TV, this show really sets the bar high. I agree that Booth and Brennan have to come back fast, but Pelant is too smart for the writers to solve the case in one quick shot. Like the Gravedigger, Jacob Broadsky and Gromagone this needs everyone working together to get him. How they are going to get Brennen and Booth back and working to accomplish this should be interesting. I would imagine they get enought evidence to prove that Brennan is innocent so that she can join the team and go after Pelant.


I find the writing in this series to be excellent---I love the fact that Booth and Brennan are together and they have a baby--this adds many new and enjoyable dimensions to the show. the finale was of course very heart rending for all concerned, having just moved into their beautiful new home and getting comfortable to have to part-- Brennan is sure to miss her home and her man terribly-I for one am looking forward to the new season, when everything will be resolved.


thank god this season is over with.... what a trainwreck...


I thought the season finale was very good and I felt like I was on an emotional roller coaster. Pellant is an excellent nemesis and from the second the camera was on him I felt creeped out. The wolf ringtones were also pretty eerie/scary. I kept hoping some relief was in sight as more and more evidence was pointing in the direction of Brennan. Although Brennan can be pragmatic and logical about things I think it must have been very difficult for her to make the decision to "get off the grid". She know that Max knows how difficult it would be if she was arrested and choses to leave with baby Christine. Although Brennan did tell Booth she loved him and was with him not only just because of Christine it was devastating for Booth for her to take off without him. For me the creepiest moment was seeing Pelant in Christine's nursery. All I kept thinking was OMG he was in their house and then in the baby's room. I was quite confused however because I have been reading comments on twitter and seeing photos that looked like Booth was dead. In all honesty I was very upset hearing that David Boreanaz could be/would be leaving the program. I half expected Booth to be killed off in the finale by Pelant. When Pelant went for that knife sharp thing he used to cut his ankle monitor I thought he was going to stab Booth. I'm happy that Booth was not killed in the season finale and hope that David Boreanaz is not leaving Bones. I can't imagine how the show could continue without him.


Right now, I'm just thinking to myself: How will Bones be BONES without Bones (Dr. Brennan)?! Will the murder investigations continue without her? Or are we just going to watch her life as a fugitive?! Or both??? They should resolve this Pelant story arc IMMEDIATELY! I don't want Bones without Bones (Dr. B)! :(


Best season finally ever. Loved it.


I watch Gossip Girl and then I watch this and I think to myself, "How is Gossip Girl even still on the air?" This show is's smart, funny, shocking! And I know some people think this season has been crap and the show is not and will never be the same but I'm loving it! It's like seasons past but with a new element. Brennan becoming a fugitive in another season would, of course, have had a big impact on Booth. But her running away in this could change everything. The show has more weight...every moment is heavier and can have a more severe consequence than in previous seasons. Another wonderful season. I wish we didn't have to wait until September to see what happens next.


In which episode does he came out?

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