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Bones Season Finale Photos: Booth Gets Tough

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Serial killer Christopher Pelant (Andrew Leeds) makes his return to Bones in the upcoming Season 7 finale, which may explain why Booth is all kinds of fired up in the photos for "The Past in the Present."

In the episode, the imprisoned hakcer is linked to another murder, only this time the victim is a friend of Brennan’s. As previous Bones season finale spoilers have hinted, she may be framed for murder.

Critical pieces of evidence linking Temperance to the act likely contribute to the intense pictures of Booth, who must act fast as this soulless tech genius prepares what could be his most lethal act yet.

Click to enlarge the images - featuring Booth getting rough with Brennan's father, and in what look to be pointed conversations with several colleagues - and share your theories in the comments below:

  • Getting Heated
  • Seeley, Tempy
  • Booth and Brennan in Court
  • Booth and Max
  • Booth, Brennan and Baby
  • Brennan, Booth, Baby
  • Angela, Booth
  • Booth, Sweets
  • Pelant

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I love that fact that he beat the Hell out of that psychopath that was awesome. Cannot wait for next season.


This is surely a great finale. I have to confess that I have just started watching Bones 2 months ago due to my frustration watching other shows. I dont like watching dead bodies and skeleton, that was why I did not watch Bones. But after watching the first season, I got hooked. I am amazed that the writer made almost every episode interesting to watch and many Booth and Bones moments. Congratulations to the Bones team who still manage to up their finale even on their 7th season.


The writers gave us what we wanted Booth & Bones as a couple with a Baby.. We've been happy since the end of Season Six.. Now it's time for a change. It's time to shake things up. . I love what they are doing in this episode. I agree Linda.. Pelant is a Great Villain!! Booth & Bones always get their man.... It looks like that will change at least for a while. We all know , on this show, in the end THE BAD GUY ALWAYS LOSES. As for David leaving the show,(The photo of the emotional hug with Hanson on the set the last day of shooting, the photo of Booth's socks/feet only on the Autopsy Table) Does anybody think Fox would renew Bones for another Season without David? NOT!!!...


I am with Lindsay, Fox Studio mail box will explode, I will spend ever spare minute writing letter and sending e-mail, I will fill Hart and Stephen twitter account my displeasure. Long live B B and C. Curse you writer for coming up with such a heart breaking finale.


My only hope is that Pelant doesn't hurt Brennan or Christine. If Max kills him well he loves his family. It would be great if Zac was the one who figures out how to get Pelant and save Brennan. I've waited for 7 years to see Booth and Brennan together if Hart Stephen or Carla mess them up. Their Fox Studios mail box is gonna explode with very very angry fans. I'll be 1 of them.


Bring back Dr. Zack Addy to (deal with Christopher Pellant) whip the story-line, the writers and cast (including currently perceived baddies) into shape for an 8th and final season, that will have us talking beyond the expiration date - this we are owed for having put us though the weakest and a most disappointing 7th-season since it began. The writers and cast have managed to capture our attention and devotion very early on for obvious reasons, but the 7th season makes it seem as they are resting on laurels.


I don't like what I am seeing with the pictures, they are truly going to leave us in agony until the show returns in the fall, base on the picture some one will be leaving, could it be Max, Bones and Christine, or Max taking Christine to keep her safe until all this is over, or bones and christine. Poor Booth, he must protect the ones he love, but as a FBI agent he also must up hold the law. Really bones wirter, and creator's this is what you came up with to torture us. Just remember that happy fan make for high rating and a sure way to ensure at season 9. I love the show, but I am just saying where is the love.


I believe that Max would do anything & everything to protect his family !! And we all know that from watching Bones all these seasons !!! I just love the show !!!!!!


@Keith Vlasak: Thanks!!! I knew they used Bones to introduce The Finder but I didn't know they gave it Bones' time slot. I thought we would still get the whole season. That's not fair.


@marine - Emily Deschanel was pregnant and had a baby. I read that since she would need time off, they used Bones to introduce The Finder (I think it's called) and gave it the time slot and planned to make a few wrap up the Bones season episodes for now after she came back.