Canadian Vampire Diaries Trailer: Spoilers Ahead!

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Uh-oh. Might we be asking the wrong question in this Vampire Diaries season finale photo post? Forget WHAT is in storage.

It looks like we may now know WHO is in storage.

But we're getting ahead of ourselves. That's next week. Tonight, the series airs "Before Sunset," an episode that may start with Bonnie in danger - based on events that concluded last Thursday's "Do Not Go Gentle" - but will soon shift its focus to the dire situation of a different main character.

Which one? As usual, the Canadian episode trailer is far more revealing than we'd prefer, but it answers that question and it's posted below for those who wish to be spoiler. Consider yourself warned:

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I like the idea of klaus rescuing caroline! Will miss tvd over the next several months :l lets hope elena makes a breakthrough this episode and stArts making some decisions. Alaric is awesome, will miss him if he leaves! I also miss badass stephan already :l

David and sabrina 2014

Things could go out of control for this episode but I can't wait to see what happens. I mostly can't wait for the season finale arrival even though we'll have to wait untill fall 2012 for the next season. =) =O


What's the spoiler it seems the same exact promo


Caroline has been treated so badly this season...her dad tortured her and now this guy will torture her again!


lol oh bored now.. for once you actually made me laugh:)


I agree with you BoredNow but at the same time the thought of Klaus saving Caroline makes my heart swoon. Maybe next time she could save somebody? It seems like everybody takes their turn getting kidnapped.

Kitanishi h mcdonald

Oh for gods sake, victimization of women and ESPECIALLY Caroline has got to stop. By now getting kidnapped or having a romance are pretty much the only plotlines allowed for female gender in this show... how many times Caroline has been in that situation? too many. She is way too awesome character to be treated like some...elena.

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